PeeWee PC Announces School Promo Program for PeeWee Kit

Provides 10%-30% Discount for Schools




Provides 10%-30% Discount for Schools


Software Bundle Turns Any Computer into a Child Friendly PC

Protects Students from Inappropriate Internet Content

Fun Games Teach Reading, Math, Science, and Geography Skills


April 29, 2010, Miami, FLPeeWee PC www.peeweepc.com announced today the PeeWee PC School Promo Program, offering 10%-30% tiered discount pricing to schools for the new PeeWee Kit, a USB software bundle that turns any computer into an age-appropriate PeeWee PC for children.  Customized for low-cost Netbook computers, the PeeWee Kit helps teachers build student skills for reading, science, math and geography with age appropriate educational and entertainment software, games, and a security suite for 3 specific ages levels of students: Pre-K (3-6 year olds), Early Elementary (5-9 year olds), and Upper Elementary (8-12 year olds).


PeeWee Security Suite Protects Kids from Inappropriate Internet Content


The included “PeeWee Patrol” and “PeeWee Privacy” Security Suite controls Internet and computer access, giving teachers full control of how students use the laptop at school.  The PeeWee Security Suite lets teachers limit how much time students spend browsing the Internet, blocks inappropriate sites from any web browser, takes screen shots, views browsing history, and can even control the laptop remotely.  The PeeWee Security Suite also lets teachers limit the amount of time students spend playing games and protects the laptop by preventing children from changing system settings.


PeeWee Kit features:

  • USB drive.
  •  Security Suite: “PeeWee Patrol” and “PeeWee Privacy” for online and offline safety.
  • 3 versions for school levels: Pre-K, Early Elementary, Upper Elementary.
  • 7 fun games and educational software titles for the ultimate kid computer in minutes, including:

            -Science House

            -Bailey Book House

            -Trudy’s Time & Place House

            -Sammy’s Science House

            -Millie’s Math House

            -Thinkin’ Things

            -Mighty Math Carnival Countdown

            -Zoombinis Mountain Rescue

            -Reader Rabbit

            -Where in the World in Carmen Sandiego?

            -Oregon Trail


Available immediately, the PeeWee Kit School Promo Program offers schools discounted PeeWee Kit pricing of only $21 - $27/each depending on the amount of units purchased (retail pricing is $29.99/each) with free shipping included (a $150 retail value).  In addition, a CD-ROM version with 4 titles will be available for $14 - $18 (retail pricing is $19.99).  The PeeWee Kit requires Windows 7, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista Service Pack 1 operating systems, Pentium processor or higher, and an available USB port.  PeeWee Kit is sold exclusively through PeeWee PC at www.peeweepc.com.  Follow PeeWee PC at Twitter: www.twitter.com/peeweepc or PeeWee PC’s Blog at: http://blog.peeweepc.com.  


About PeeWee PC


PeeWee PC is a leading producer of computer products for children, with a line of products that run the gamut from children’s laptops and desktop PCs to software and accessories for kids.  PeeWee PC designs all their computers to meet the needs of both young end users and their parents. This means products that are both fun and durable, but most importantly, safe.


The PeeWee PC kid’s introductory personal computer was the first of its kind – a safe, fun, flexible product geared just for children.  Previously, parents’ only options in this category were electronic toys that emulate computer features or investing considerable time and money modifying existing adult computers to load appropriate children’s content.  


PeeWee PC is the solution for children’s computing needs – offering built-in security features, time limits, Internet filters, and software packages tailored to specific ages.  For more information, see www.peeweepc.com. 


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