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eMax Worldwide Inc. Announces the Completed Merger of eMax Media Inc. Into Mindpix Inc. and Provides Additional Corporate Updates

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- (Marketwire) -- 06/29/11 -- eMax Worldwide Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EMXC), www.emaxworldwide.com, a diversified holding company, announces their partly held company, eMax Media Inc, has completed the Merger Takeover of the publicly trading company, Mindpix Inc.(MPIX) and provides additional Corporate Updates. The President of eMax Worldwide, Roxanna Weber, stated, "Due to an extensive amount of calls to our Investor Relations firm, we believe it's wise to answer some of the commonly repeated questions from our shareholders and potential investors. Additionally, due to the sensitive nature of many of our negotiations and partnerships, it was necessary to limit some of the information to the general public. As further developments close and finalize, more information will be forthcoming. It truly is an exciting time to be a part of the EMXC family. With all the upcoming filings and public information as well as current and future dividends, our shareholders should soon realize the true value of their stock investments in eMax Worldwide. We understand many shareholders have not understood the Board of Directors of eMax Worldwide's business objectives, but after many years of hard work and long hours, we feel strongly that our shareholders will soon start to realize their true investment gains. eMax Worldwide's management has always been desirous to provide gains to their shareholders; first with the issuance of new stock dividends, and secondly through the increase in those stock values. eMax Worldwide is proud to announce that they have been successful in the completion of their first spin off dividend gain for their shareholders."

eMax Worldwide announced on June 23, 2011, that they filed a 8K with the SEC to announce a new stock dividend to be issued in the publicly trading company Mindpix Corp. (MPIX) and on June 28, 2011 Mindpix filed an 8K to announce the terms of the merger with eMax Media Inc. Both eMax Worldwide and the Mindpix management are currently working to update all information at otcmarkets.com, FINRA, and with the SEC. Both companies are very busy with the focus on getting all dividends out to their shareholders and working with their legal and auditing professionals to get all their current filings up to date with the SEC.

eMax Worldwide, Inc. ("EMXC"), announced recently, the partly owned and UN-affiliated company, eMax Media Inc., completed a merger agreement with the publicly trading company MindPix Corp, ("MPIX"). eMax Media shareholders will exchange forty million (40,000,000) shares of its restricted common stock (the "eMax Media Shares") for four hundred million (400,000,000) shares of restricted common stock in MINDPIX, representing 80% of all of the outstanding common shares and 100% of all the preferred shares of MINDPIX (the "MINDPIX Shares"). Should Mindpix stock not reach the value of $.10/share within 30 days of closing then Mindpix agrees to issue more shares to make up for the values outlined in the terms of the agreement to acquire the eMax Media shares; and in addition for the retirement of a total of $2,378,500 in Mindpix liabilities . As a result of the closing of the Agreement, eMax Media shareholders own approximately eighty and 88/100 percent (80.88%) of the 494,521,084 outstanding shares of record of the Common Stock in Mindpix Inc. The merger agreement also states that 400,000,000 shares of common stock in eMax Worldwide and 5,000,000 shares of common stock in Mindpix were placed and held in the treasury of Mindpix for potential future capital costs of the company. The eMax Worldwide common shares are restricted and eMax Worldwide plans to retire those shares in the very near term. Those shares were issued prior to the dividend date for the specific intent to increase the dividend ratio for the EMXC shareholders only.

eMax Worldwide, Inc., (" EMXC"), shareholders will receive one common share in Mindpix Corp for every 32 shares of common stock that is owned in EMXC, as of the record date previously announced of June 15, 2011. There have been no changes to the date of June 15th, 2011. This is a $.0031 share stock dividend gain to the eMax Worldwide shareholders. eMax Worldwide is working towards having the dividend in Mindpix issued to their shareholders by the end of July 2011

About eMax Media

eMax Media, Inc., www.emaxmediagroup.com, is currently launching the first opening phase of their new music portal at www.emaxmusic.com. eMax Music, a division of eMax Media, has now published the first 100 songs from their music catalog that consists of 17,500 plus songs and video collection ranging from the '30s through the '90s at their emaxmusic portal. The first songs available for sale at from eMax Music are from the legendary artists such as: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Little Richard, Chicago, Fats Domino, Kenny Rogers, The Coasters, Gladys Knight, The Drifters, The Platters, The Who, Billy Joel, James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, etc. Eric Jeter, President of EMAX Media, stated, "We are very excited to announce the first of many substantial revenue streams. As our shareholders are aware, our music libraries are extremely valuable. So much so, that our companies are currently completing our first major sale of 100 songs for $1 million. Due to our legendary music and video high demand and value, our board has decided that it's in our best interest to obtain a completed current and extensive appraisal and value determination of our libraries. Achieving this milestone has been a long time coming, and to receive $10,000 per song in this contract will solidify our forecasting and projected revenues."

eMax Media's music division is currently packaging a minimum of 20-30 new music and video collector sets for domestic and international retail store buyers and other licensing groups worldwide. eMax Media operates a collection of multimedia and family entertainment content through four main divisions: eMax Music, eMax Studios, eMax Networks, and eMax Productions. The four operating areas offer technology-driven, high-quality products and services focusing in pre-recorded music, movies, digital media, games, outdoor sports and concert events, internet e-commerce, feature film production, television programs , broadcasting and internet networks. eMax Media Inc. owns the licensing rights to manufacture and market a music library catalog of worldwide known songs from a list consisting of over 17,500 music, video and game master recordings.

In order to handle the overwhelming amount of sales and marketing, graphic design, product packaging, audio engineering, and HD and 3D animation production services, eMax Worldwide and eMax Media is currently expanding into additional larger offices and multiple studio locations in Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Nashville Tennessee and New York. Due to eMax Media's increased audio and video production and engineering development requirements, skilled professionals are currently being hired from local colleges and technology institutes throughout Florida.

About New Unified Corporation

New Unified Corp growth has exceeded all our expectations with its rapid growth. The management of eMax Worldwide did not anticipate this much growth in such a short time. New Unified Corp. was formed to acquire operating company investments in the area of income producing 1) real estate, 2) oil, gas and alternative energy companies and 3) commodity producing operations in the US. The company's objectives are to acquire companies that will help to put Americans back to work and produce more USA made products. New Unified Corp divisions includes: 1. New Unified International Trade and Commodities Division, 2. New Unified Realty, 3. New Unified Energy, 4. New Unified Finance and 5. New Unified Technologies.

New Unified Energy will assist in answering our nation's energy problems by investing in fossil fuels, natural gas, solar and new renewable energy companies. This endeavor will keep eMax Worldwide profitable and competitive.

To answer the dire need surrounding global food shortages, New Unified Realty will invest in hydroponics and Aquaponics. By becoming a front runner in Hydroponic growing systems, eMax Worldwide will experiment and manufacture hydroponics and Aquaponics systems to maximize potential yields of produce and fish. This produce and fish will then be sold to the wholesale and retail markets.

Through its acquisitions and strategic alliances, eMax Worldwide brings together an award-winning team of professionals from the agricultural, construction, energy, global trade and banking, and real estate industries.

New Unified International Trade and Commodities Division is a USA based company formed to facilitate diverse commodities and international banking transactions.

As a Trading Company, New Unified works with potential seller's mandate for petroleum, ethanol, sugar, minerals, gemstones, cement, produce, etc. New Unified Corp also has a Financial Department to finance projects or to offer some loans based on potential collateral. New Unified works with banking instruments such as Bank Guarantees, Proof of Funds Letters or Stand by Letter of Credit to place in International Bank trade programs directly with top traders in top prime banks. New Unified management team has forged solid relationships with a few highly reputed International Trading Houses.

New Unified Corp's senior managing executives are experienced in the areas of international trade, commodities, petroleum and global banking industries, real estate development and sales, farming, hydroponic, and aquaponic operations, Eco friendly home building and development and securities trading; and banking and securities compliance responsibilities in house.

New Unified Realty division has formed a new department for purchasing REO properties and is evaluating numerous distressed residential and commercial income producing properties to acquire at this time.

New Unified's Realty division has recently signed an agreement to partner with ECO LIFESTYLE HOMES, INC. http://www.ecolifestylehomes.net, and to help them capitalize and administer their overwhelming growing operations and increased contracted building projects. ECO LIFESTYLE HOMES provides fully integrated solution packages, products, and services in four key areas of a Green Community: 1. Advanced building systems, 2. Complete alternative energy systems, 3. Commercial grade water purification systems (superior to Reverse Osmosis), and 4. Self-contained, near zero water use, pure effluent, in-home waste treatment, and High yield fish and organic produce systems.

ECO LIFESTYLE HOMES Areas of advance technology are: 1. Pre-Engineered Steel Frame Construction, 2. Cutting-Edge, Ceramic Insulation and Coatings, 3. Next Generation Solar and other Alternative Energy Systems, 4. High Output, Low Energy Requirement, Water Distillation 5. Near Zero Water Use, Self-Contained in each House, Water Waste Management System Eliminating the Need for Septic and Sewer Hook-Up, 6. Advanced Aquaponics Systems for High Yield Fish and Organic Produce. Recently ECO met with the government officials in Trinidad and Tobago and ECO has entered an Intent agreement to joint venture with the government of Trinidad to build an ECO factory based on acquiring appropriate orders. Currently there are approximately 132,000 new homes approved and guaranteed by the government of Trinidad to be built.

The ECO Advanced Residential Building Systems start with a Steel Frame "Pre-Panelized" System as a first part of a complete wall and roof assembly system. The second leading-edge component consists of a state-of-the-art Ceramic insulation and thermal barrier which provides new levels of heat loss reduction, stops 97% of Infra-Red passing through the wall from the inside or outside, which is a major cause of heat loss or gain in a house, provides an A1 fire rating to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and vapor barriers to construction, and an as needed application of bio-degradable, open-cell sprayed on foam for additional insulation. ECO also provides the most sophisticated thermal, UV, and light transmission window systems ever made, a finished home that is resistant to mold, insect and fire damage, and can be engineered to withstand extremely high winds and earthquakes.

New Unified Corp has recently hired Mark Conway as Chief Operations Officer. Mark Conway is the entrepreneurial driving force behind the New Unified Corporation's Energy and Oil Trading Division. With a strong background in International Trade Mr. Conway has established himself as a person of action within the confines of a very competitive industry that is based solely on relationships, and performance. Mr Conway has handled many international business transactions which include International Produce Marketing, Global Oil and Petroleum Sales, Global Banking Trade Platforms and numerous International Commodities Sales. Some of the direct client contacts Mr. Conway brings to New Unified Corporation in the Oil Trading Industry are: UPS, United Airlines, Exxon/Mobile, Conoco, Delta Airlines, and Shell. He also brings with him a list of re-sellers who first purchase the oil and then re-sell it to a major entity recognized globally.

Emax Worldwide is in the home stretch of completing the first four dividends due out to our shareholders, and will be complete as stated in our recent interview. We would like to encourage all shareholders who might have moved to please email us their current address and phone number. This is to ensure we can keep in contact with all shareholders on a regular basis regarding our constant growth.

eMax Worldwide has engaged the investor relations firm Rockport Equity, LLC to handle all future shareholder relations. Rockport has been very successful in working with the capital markets representing the company.

About Rockport Equities LLC

Rockport Equities http://www.rockportequityllc.com is a team of investor relations professionals with over 25 years' experience in the IR and Broker fields.

eMax Worldwide, Inc. (www.eMaxworldwide.com) is a diversified holding company acquiring and growing family and morally valued multimedia, entertainment, communication, broadcasting, high-end technologies, real estate, energy, international trade, commodities and finance industries through two corporations, eMax Media Inc. www.emaxmediagroup.com and New Unified Corp., www.newunified.com.

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which are intended to be covered by the safe harbors created thereby. Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, the future press releases of eMax.

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