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MPG Car Rental Encourages an Eco-Friendly Approach to Life

MPG Car Rental supports green living in Los Angeles, beginning with their hybrid rental cars

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MPG Car Rental, located in Venice, California, is the leading provider of green rental cars in Los Angeles. The company's all-green fleet of rentals is comprised of hybrid, clean diesel, and electric cars that range from mid-sized to SUV. The company provides hybrid car rental options to a niche market that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Global warming and rising gas prices have prompted an increasing number of Americans to consider owning or renting green vehicles. The owners and employees at MPG Car Rental take an active role in educating and encouraging their customers to make environmentally-conscious, money-saving choices, starting with the cars they choose to drive.

One of the obvious benefits of driving an eco-friendly car is the reduction in money spent on fuel. For example, the Toyota Prius C that is available through MPG Car Rental is a very lightweight car, getting 53mpg on surface streets and 46mpg on the highway. If you are renting a fuel-efficient car like the Prius C, the Honda Insight, or are interested in the highly-rated electric Chevy Volt for rental, the driver will not only conserve money on the rental itself. The customer will reduce the amount of money that he or she usually spends to keep their fossil-fuel vehicle running.

To encourage the customer's interest in not only renting but purchasing a hybrid car, MPG Car Rental offers a special test-drive program. When the customer test-drives one of the clean diesel, electric, or hybrid cars in the green fleet, the company will reimburse the first four days of rental when the driver proceeds to purchase the same car from the dealership. The customer may return to MPG Car Rental with purchase information to receive the reimbursement on his or her new Volkswagen TDi Jetta, Beetle TDi, or one of the other green autos initially test-driven at MPG Car Rental.

MPG Car Rental is always conscious of their customers' concerns during the course of the car rental process. An employee will be happy to give the customer a complimentary ride to or from the rental depot in a timely manner. The company provides new and returning customers with monthly discounts, available through the website or at the time of rental.  The customer is often pleasantly surprised by the money-saving opportunities that arise when working with an MPG Car Rental associate. One can swiftly make a reservation online or schedule a pick-up time and choose the automobile over the phone in a matter of a few minutes. Additional conveniences are provided to customers, such as the ability to recycle old cell phones and printer inkjets at the rental agency. MPG Car Rental promotes sustainability across the board through reducing carbon emissions, encouraging recycling, and saving the customer money.

For more information regarding our green fleet and the current discounts available, please visit MPG Car Rental online at, or call 877.870.7821.

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