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New Website Launched on Kashmir

NEW DELHI and SRINAGAR, India, April 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

http://www.thecherrytree.in a website devoted to Kashmir has been successfully launched coinciding with the setting of Spring season and opening of the Mughal Gardens in the Valley of Kashmir. http://www.thecherrytree.in will highlight what Kashmir is all about and what it stands for, its ethos, history and its beautiful people. Based on an elegant design and a panorama of Kashmiri spirit, TheCherryTree.in is the fruit of thought of a medley of professionals with a common thread - a passion for Kashmir.

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http://www.thecherrytree.in has set out to map the journey of those who have touched Kashmir and left their own indelible foot prints across the pages of Kashmir's history. This site will feature both introductory and detailed articles as well as timelines and interactive features that are sure to be of interest to a very wide audience who want to explore the legacy of Kashmir.

"TheCherryTree.in is an attempt to bridge the gap between the generations while capturing the unrecorded moments in the life of Kashmir over the years, exploring the legacy of Kashmir which has gone through many stages of evolution, and to capture the efforts & the impact made by many over the years," said Mr. Rajesh Prothi, Founder and Chief Editor, http://www.thecherrytree.in.

TheCherryTree.in is divided into three sections. The 1st section of the website follows a Q&A format. This section will have people from all walks of life who have, in some way or the other, contributed towards Kashmir. This section will feature interviews about their lives, achievements and their experience over the years.  The 2nd section features the Art and Culture which will give an insight of the Kashmir's legacy and heritage. This section promises to revive the composite and synthetic pattern of exquisite art and culture in the mind and soul of the readers.  The 3rd section "Gaash" which literally means 'light' symbolizes anything related to Kashmir- from book reviews, poems, thoughts, short stories and profiles.

"TheCherryTree.in will have people who will add their own leaves of experience in relation to Kashmir. The aim is to keep the legacy of Kashmir vibrant, reducing the gap in the views and perspectives of generations, to carry forward what Kashmir have always stood for", added Mr. Prothi.

About http://www.thecherrytree.in

TheCherryTree.in is the fruit of the thought of a medley of professionals with a common thread - a passion for Kashmir. It is an effort to highlight what Kashmir is and what it stands for, its ethos, history and its people. With such a great legacy, Kashmir has for ages gone through many stages of evolution.  TheCherryTree.in aims to explore that legacy. It is also an attempt to capture the efforts and the impact made by many over the years. TheCherryTree.in has set out to map the journey of those who have touched Kashmir in any way and left their own indelible foot prints. TheCherryTree.in will have people add their own leaves of experience in relations to Kashmir. The aim is to keep the legacy of Kashmir vibrant, reducing the gap in the views and perspectives of generations, to carry forward what Kashmir has always stood for.

For more information, please visit http://www.thecherrytree.in

For more details, please contact:

Mobile: +91-9650187059
Email id: [email protected]

Swati Shukla
Mobile: +91-9650620877
Email id: [email protected]

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