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Cynthia Foreman Signature Products' Shortbread Cookies Launches in over 3700 Walgreens Nationwide

OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Cynthia Foreman is proud to announce the launch of her private label line of food products in all Walgreens stores starting this December.  This launch will start with her signature All Butter/All Natural Shortbread Cookies in two flavors, Almond and Lemon.  "It is quite an accomplishment for what started out as a one woman production.  "I cannot say enough about Walgreens' decision to give my company this opportunity to enter into the mainstream marketplace" says, CEO Ms. Foreman.


Cynthia Foreman is the founder of Cynthia Foreman's Signature Products ( a 100% woman owned and operated company under the umbrella of Cynthia Foreman's Sweetie Pies, LLC, established in Oakland, California, 2006.  Ms. Foreman went from selling sweet potato and pecan pies on her church parking lot in Houston, Texas for a fundraiser; to launching her own private label Cynthia Foreman's All Butter All Natural Almond and Lemon Shortbread Cookies in Walgreens nationwide just in time for the holiday season.

Walgreens, headquartered in Deerfield, Ill. has over 6 million customers entering through their doors daily.  Foreman goes on to say, "for Walgreens, a landmark in communities all across the United States, to welcome a minority supplier like myself only highlights Walgreens' integrity and commitment to bridge building with small businesses in the communities they service. I feel like the opportunity Walgreens has provided sends a powerful message to other small business owners like myself … be fearless and trust in the quality of your products."

Cynthia's shortbreads are scheduled to hit the store shelves December 1st.  It is quite an accomplishment for what began as a one woman production.  "I thank Walgreens decision to give my company, this opportunity to enter into the mainstream marketplace.  Walgreens headquartered Deerfield, Illinois has over 6 million customers entering through their doors daily.  Walgreens is a landmark in many communities across the United States and this opportunity to highlights corporate integrity and commitment to bridge building with small businesses in the communities that they service. "My message to other small business owners like myself with great potential.  Be fearless and trust in the quality of your products."  

About the Product - Cynthia Foreman's Signature Almond and Lemon All butter shortbread cookies are made with the highest quality of ingredients, with no artificial ingredients or added preservatives. We are confident that the mouthwatering taste of our all butter shortbread cookies will prove that one bite won't be enough.  Each consumer is greeted with her warm smile pictured on each bag.  She wants customers to easily identify her brand from others on the shelf.  And yes, there is a story behind her decision to put her picture on each product. The first retail store to accept her products' placed them right next to another wholesaler who made a similar product. The storekeeper explained to her that competition is good business and since she was selling well, she agreed.  A problem arose when her product was sold out and more than a few customers picked up her competitor's product, and, after tasting the difference between the two, began to return the competitor's products thinking she had changed her recipe. "Well, I will just have to put my picture on my products so that customers can identify my products from my competitors" said Ms. Foreman.  It worked so well that customers have now come to identify her picture with the taste of an excellent product.  And that is why you will always see Ms. Foreman's picture on all her products.

Cynthia Foreman's Signature Shortbread Cookies are made with the highest quality of ingredients.  We are a small company with great products and plenty of potential.  Our goal is to create brand awareness and movement that will justify our position as main stay on store shelves across the U.S.  In order to have a successful campaign, we need customers to be informed about us.  We want them to experience the mouthwatering taste of our shortbread cookies.  We are confident that it will be proven that one bite won't be enough!

About Cynthia Foreman - Cynthia Foreman is the founder of Cynthia Foreman's Signature Products, a branch of Cynthia Foreman's Sweetie Pies, LLC, established 2006, in Oakland, CA.  Ms. Foreman went from selling sweet potato and pecan pies on her church parking lot in Houston, Texas for a fundraiser to relocating and starting a micro business in the Bay Area, where she baked her products in commercial kitchens and delivered them daily to local merchants and retailers, including Walgreens.

Brand Identity
Cynthia Foreman is the brand.  She greets the consumer with her warm smile pictured on each bag of cookies on store shelves.  She wanted existing and new customers to easily identify her brand from other brands on the shelf.  Although, the story behind her decision to put her picture on each product didn't start that way it was more a request from customers to identify her from other products.  Ask her she would love to tell you her story.
For more information or to schedule an interview with Ms. Foreman please contact:  Donald Wilson (323) 982-7087 or [email protected]

Media Contact: Cynthia Foreman, Cynthia Foreman Signature Products, 323-982-7087, [email protected]

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