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Real Estate gets a 21st Century Reboot

RankMyAgent.com Brings Consumer Reviews to the Real Estate Industry

TORONTO, Jan. 28, 2014 /CNW/ - For years, consumers have been able to read reviews about books, restaurants, hotels, doctors and even university professors, but a transaction as important (and arguably one of the most costly) as real estate has lacked an independent rating and review system. Launching today, RankMyAgent.com is a one-stop online portal providing user-generated real estate agent reviews and timely resources to Canadians looking to buy, sell or rent a home.

"Selecting a real estate agent can often be compared to finding a needle in a haystack; word of mouth has generally been the most relied upon tool to select an agent," said RankMyAgent.com Founder Riti Verma. "Deciding where to live or invest is an important decision. Getting the right professional advice can make all the difference."

Informed consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on reviews when making a decision on which businesses or services they use. In fact, over 75 percent of the people surveyed by Local Consumer Reviews in 2012 said that they took reviews into account when making a decision. In fact, it is the combination of good and bad reviews that breathes reality and sets expectations with consumers. RankMyAgent.com aims to bolster this movement into the real estate industry by connecting Canadians with highly rated, user-endorsed real estate agents and resources. Through this online portal, current real estate clients are given the opportunity to rank and review their agent in seven categories. Individuals looking for a real estate professional are provided with reviews and ratings within a free, accessible service that enables them to locate an agent specializing in the neighbourhood and type of transaction they intend to make.

RankMyAgent.com further stands apart by enlisting a review team that monitors each evaluation. Any flagged reviews require user follow-up to ensure that the user did have an actual transaction and experience working with the agent. This ensures truly factual and unbiased reviews. The RankMyAgent.com rating system presents a diverse range of factors including experience, professionalism, neighbourbood and property knowledge, negotiation skills, communication skills and contact expectations, allowing the user to filter and search for the best real estate agent for each individual's needs. Other tools such as an interactive forum, educational content and pertinent realty resources are available as well, offering users a single source for the most accurate, up-to-date real estate information available to Canadians today.

"People were always asking me if I knew an agent that specialized in a certain area of the city or a certain type of transaction," explains Verma. "The idea for RankMyAgent.com was to fulfill this need by providing a condensed set of options to individuals."

RankMyAgent.com is currently available in the major metropolitan areas of Canada and can be utilized free of charge.

About RankMyAgent.com

RankMyAgent.com is an online forum supporting Canadians looking to buy, sell or rent homes by connecting them with reputable real estate agents whose services are endorsed through the portal's ratings and review function. RankMyAgent.com enables users to search for agents in their perspective neighbourhood and view unbiased user-generated evaluations based on the agent's experience, professionalism, neighbourbood and property knowledge, negotiation skills, communication skills and contact expectations. Other tools such as an interactive forum, educational content and pertinent realty resources are available as well, offering users a single source for the most accurate, up-to-date real estate information available on the Web. For more information visit www.rankmyagent.com.

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