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US Disposable Medical Supplies Market Report

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

US Disposable Medical Supplies Market Report

US demand to rise 4.1% annually through 2018

US demand for disposable medical supplies will grow 4.1 percent per year to $49.3 billion in 2018. An increasing volume of patient activity attributable to an aging population, a rising incidence of medical conditions, and the extension of health insurance coverage by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 will comprise the major forces that spur growth. The US disposable medical supplies market will also benefit from a heightened focus on infection prevention throughout the health care sector. Pressures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and other medical organizations will prompt hospitals, outpatient facilities, and other health establishments to follow protocols and standards aimed at keeping patients and staff personnel safe from exposure to dangerous, potentially life-threatening pathogens during medical procedures.

Drug delivery products to remain fastest growing type

Based on an increasing number of patients who need surgery or long-term chronic care therapy, drug delivery and related products will remain the fastest expanding group of disposable medical supplies. Total US demand growth will outpace the industry average and reach $13.4 billion in 2018. Safety enhanced devices for the minimally invasive delivery of parenteral medicines, inhalation therapies, and IV and dialysis solutions will lead growth. Disposable wound management products will register demand of $10.1 billion in 2018, up nearly as fast as the annual industry average rate of growth from 2013. Polymeric tissue sealants, along with alginate, foam, and collagen wound dressings, will realize the best growth based on enhanced safety and faster healing properties. Conversely, demand for bandages will expand at a below average pace due to limited pricing flexibility and the overall lack of proprietary types. First aid kits will fare the best among disposable wound management products, benefiting from trends promoting self-treatment.

Advances in less invasive surgery will weaken the overall US market for traditional suture and staple wound closures. Compared to disposable medical supplies as a whole, nonwoven medical disposables will see above average growth in demand. The heightened focus on infection prevention in the health care sector will boost consumption of single use, high value-added nonwoven garments and textiles by hospitals and outpatient facilities. A rising prevalence of incontinence problems attributable to the aging population trend will impact favorably on retail and institutional sales of nonwoven adult undergarments, shields, and other protective products. The best growth in demand among other disposable medical supplies will evolve in products with enhanced infection prevention, performance, and/or cost containment benefits.

Included in this group are biological sterilization indicators, intermittent urinary drainage catheters, orthopedic surgical kits and trays, polymeric surgical gloves, reinforced waste disposal containers and accessories, single use labware, and specialty surgical instruments. By contrast, changes in patient care approaches or health insurance coverage will adversely affect growth prospects for several disposables including angioplasty catheters, blood glucose test strips, and single use patient room supplies.

Study coverage

This upcoming Freedonia industry study, Disposable Medical Supplies, is priced at $5300. It presents historical demand data (2003, 2008, 2013) plus forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by raw material, product and market. This study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market shares and profiles 25 US industry players.




General 4
Economic Factors 5
Demographic Patterns 9
Trends in Health Care 12
Health Insurance & the Affordable Care Act 13
Medical Conditions 16
Acute Conditions 16
Chronic Conditions 17
National Health Expenditures 20
Spending Categories 21

Funding Sources 25
Medical Providers 27
Hospitals 28
Outpatient Facilities 29
Physicians & Physicians' Offices 32
Skilled Nursing Facilities 33
Dentists & Dental Offices 34
Other Medical Providers 35
Patient Activity 36
Hospital Activity 37
Outpatient Visits 38
Surgical Procedures 39
Diagnostic Tests 40
Medical Product Markets 42
Pharmaceuticals 43
Medical Supplies & Devices 44
Surgical Appliances & Supplies 44
Surgical & Medical Instruments 44
Biomedical Equipment 45
Diagnostic Products 45

Ophthalmic Goods 45
Dental Equipment & Supplies 46


General 47
Plastic Resins 49
Polyvinyl Chloride 51
Polypropylene 53
Low Density Polyethylene 54
Thermoplastic Elastomers 55
Acrylic 57
Polycarbonate 57
ABS 58
High Density Polyethylene 58
Thermoplastic Polyesters 59
Polyurethane 60
Other Plastic Resins 60
Nonwoven Fabrics 61
Paper & Paperboard 63
Rubber Materials 65
Other Raw Materials 66


General 68
Disposable Medical Supplies Product Groups 69
Historical Market Trends 71
Regulatory Considerations 72
New Product Approval Requirements 73
Health Care-Associated Infection Safeguards 73
Supply & Device Reprocessing Standards 74
Occupational Safety & Health Administration Standards 76
US Trade 77
International Markets 79


General 82
Infusion Products 85
IV Administration Sets 86
Premixed IV Solutions 89
IV Catheters 91
Other Infusion Products 93
Enteral Feeding Supplies 94
IV Accessories 95
Hypodermic Products 96
Prefillable Syringes 97
Injectors 98
Cartridges 100
Clinical Hypodermic Syringes 102
Clinical Hypodermic Needles 104
Inhalation Products 106
Prefillable Inhalers 108
Metered Dose Inhalers 109
Dry Powder Inhalers 112
Disposable Oxygen Therapy Supplies 115
Anesthesia Disposables 117
Disposable Nebulizers & Accessories 118
Disposable Humidifiers 120
Other Disposable Inhalation Products 121
Disposable Dialysis Products 122
Disposable Hemodialysis Products 124
Disposable Peritoneal Dialysis Products 127
Transdermal Patches 129


General 133
Wound Closures 136
Sutures 138
Absorbable Sutures 140
Nonabsorbable Sutures 141
Surgical Staples & Disposable Stapling Devices 142
Tissue Sealants 145
Cyanoacrylate Sealants 146
Fibrin Sealants 147
Other Tissue Sealants 148
Other Wound Closures 149
Anti-Adhesion Products 150
Hemostats 151
Ligature Clips 152
Disposable Bandages 153
Adhesive Bandages 154
Adhesive Tapes 158
Cast Bandages & Accessories 160
Gauze Bandages 162
Pads & Compresses 164
Other Disposable Bandages 165
Wound Dressings 167
Biological & Synthetic Wound Dressings 168
Film Dressings 169
Hydrocolloid Dressings 170
Collagen Dressings 171

Foam Dressings 172
Hydrogel Dressings 173
Alginate Dressings 174
Other Biological & Synthetic Wound Dressings 175
Nonadherent Wound Dressings 177
Gauze Wound Dressings 178
Other Nonadherent Wound Dressings 179
Other Disposable Wound Management Products 180
First Aid Kits 181
Medical Sponges 182
Medical Cotton Goods 184


General 185
Disposable Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles 187
Disposable Nonwoven Gowns 189
Disposable Nonwoven Surgical Gowns 190
Disposable Nonwoven Patient Gowns 193
Disposable Nonwoven Surgical Drapes 195
Disposable Nonwoven Face Masks 198
Other Disposable Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles 200
Disposable Nonwoven Staff Apparel 201
Disposable Nonwoven Towels & Bedding 202
All Other Disposable Nonwoven Garments & Textiles 203
Disposable Incontinence Products 204
Disposable Incontinence Adult Undergarments 205
Disposable Incontinence Adult Shields 208
Disposable Incontinence Underpads 209
Furniture Protection Products 211


General 212
Infection Prevention Supplies 214
Sterilization Supplies 215
Sterile Containers 216
Sterilization Wrap 226
Sterilization Indicators 228
Disposable Medical Gloves 232
Examination Gloves 233
Surgical Gloves 235
Disposable Waste Disposal Supplies 239
Disposable Waste Disposal Containers 240
Disposable Waste Disposal Accessories 242
Diagnostic & Laboratory Disposables 243
Disposable Diabetes Testing Supplies 244
Blood Glucose Test Strips 245
Other Diabetes Testing Supplies 247
Disposable Blood Collection Supplies 248

Disposable Labware 250
Disposable Diagnostic Catheters 251
Angiography Catheters 252
Other Disposable Diagnostic Catheters 254
Other Diagnostic & Laboratory Disposables 255
Home Test Kits 255
Disposable Physicians' Examination Supplies 257
Disposable Temperature Measuring Products 258
Disposable Electrodes 260
Surgical Disposables 261
Disposable Procedural Kits & Trays 262
Cardiovascular Surgery 263
Orthopedic Surgery 265
Chest Drainage Units 266
Other Procedural Kits & Trays 267
Disposable Surgical Catheters 268
Angioplasty Catheters 268
Other Disposable Surgical Catheters 270
Disposable Surgical Instruments 273
Disposable Plastic Surgical Drapes 275
All Other Disposable Medical Supplies 276
Disposable Patient Room Supplies 277
Disposable Urinary Supplies 279
Foley Catheters 281
Other Disposable Urinary Catheters 282
Urinary Drainage Accessories 282
Disposable Ostomy Supplies 283
Disposable Enema Supplies 286


General 290
Hospital Market 292
Consumer & Home Health Care Markets 294
Outpatient Markets 296
Ambulatory Surgery Centers 297
Urgent Care Centers 298
General Medical Clinics 299
Other Outpatient Facilities 299
Physicians' Office Market 300
Nursing Home Market 302
Dental Office Market 304
Other Markets 305


General 308
Market Share 312
Competitive Strategies 319
Mergers & Acquisitions 320
Licensing & Related Agreements 323
Research & Development 325
Marketing & Distribution 327
Manufacturing 328
Company Profiles 329
Abbott Laboratories 330
Ahlstrom Corporation 332
Ansell Limited 334
Bard (CR) Incorporated 337
Bard Electrophysiology, see Boston Scientific
Baxter International Incorporated 342
Becton, Dickinson, and Company 344
Biosense Webster, see Johnson & Johnson
Boston Scientific Corporation 348
Braun (B.) Melsungen AG 351
Cardinal Health Incorporated 354
ConvaTec Incorporated 357
Cordis, see Johnson & Johnson
Covidien plc 360
Davol, see Bard (CR)

DePuy Companies, see Johnson & Johnson
Ethicon, see Johnson & Johnson
GlaxoSmithKline plc 366
Hospira Incorporated 368
Johnson & Johnson 370
Kimberly-Clark Corporation 376
LifeScan, see Johnson & Johnson
Medline Industries Incorporated 380
Medtronic Incorporated 383
Novartis AG 386
Preferred Surgical Products, see Ansell
Rochester Medical, see Bard (CR)
Smith & Nephew plc 388
Smiths Group plc 391
STERIS Corporation 394
Suominen, see Ahlstrom
Svenska Cellulosa AB 396
Teleflex Incorporated 397
Terumo Corporation 403
3M Company 407
Additional Companies in the Disposable Medical Supplies
Industry 411


Summary Table 3
1 Macroeconomic Indicators 9
2 Population by Age Group 12
3 Health Insurance Coverage of the US Population 15
4 Acute Conditions by Type 17
5 Chronic Conditions by Type 20
6 National Health Expenditures by Spending Category 24
7 National Health Expenditures by Funding Source 27
8 Number of Hospitals & Hospital Beds by Type 29
9 Number of Outpatient Facilities by Type 31
10 Number of Physicians & Physicians' Offices 33
11 Number of Skilled Nursing Facilities & Skilled Nursing
Facility Beds 34
12 Number of Dentists & Dental Offices 35
13 Number of Other Medical Providers by Type 36
14 Hospital Activity 38

15 Number of Outpatient Visits by Provider 39
16 Number of Surgical Procedures by Site 40
17 Number of Diagnostic Tests by Type 41
18 Medical Product Demand by Product Category 42
1 Disposable Medical Supplies Raw Materials Demand
by Type 48
2 Plastic Resins Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies
by Type 51
3 Nonwoven Fabrics Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies 63
4 Paper & Paperboard Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies 64
5 Rubber Materials Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies 66
6 Other Raw Materials Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies 67
1 Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by Product Group 70
2 Historical Disposable Medical Supplies Demand, 2003-2013 72
3 US Trade in Disposable Medical Supplies 78
4 World Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by Region 81
1 Disposable Drug Delivery & Related Products Demand
by Product Group 84
2 Disposable Infusion Products Demand by Product Group 86
3 IV Administration Sets Demand by Type 89
4 Premixed IV Solutions Demand by Product 91
5 IV Catheters Demand by Type 93
6 Other Disposable Infusion Products Demand by Type 94

7 Disposable Hypodermic Products Demand by Type 96
8 Prefillable Syringes Demand by Product Group 98
9 Clinical Hypodermic Syringes Demand by Type 104
10 Separately Sold Clinical Hypodermic Needles Demand 106
11 Disposable Inhalation Products Demand by Product Group 107
12 Prefillable Inhalers Demand by Type 109
13 Disposable Oxygen Therapy Supplies Demand 116
14 Anesthesia Disposables Demand by Type 118
15 Disposable Nebulizers & Accessories Demand 120
16 Disposable Humidifiers Demand 121
17 Other Disposable Inhalation Products Demand 122
18 Disposable Dialysis Products Demand by Product Group 124
19 Disposable Hemodialysis Products Demand by Type 126
20 Disposable Peritoneal Dialysis Products Demand by Type 129
21 Transdermal Patches Demand 132
1 Disposable Wound Management Products Demand
by Product Group 135
2 Wound Closures Demand by Product Group 138
3 Sutures Demand by Type 140
4 Surgical Staples & Disposable Stapling Devices Demand
by Type 145
5 Tissue Sealants & Adhesives Demand 146
6 Other Wound Closures Demand 150
7 Disposable Bandages Demand by Product Group 154
8 Adhesive Bandages Demand 158
9 Adhesive Tape Demand 160
10 Cast Bandages & Accessories Demand 162
11 Gauze Bandages Demand 164
12 Pads & Compresses Demand 165
13 Other Disposable Bandages Demand 167
14 Wound Dressings Demand by Product Group 168
15 Biological & Synthetic Wound Dressings Demand by Type 169
16 Nonadherent Wound Dressings Demand by Type 178

17 Other Disposable Wound Management Products Demand
by Product Group 181
1 Nonwoven Medical Disposables Demand by Product Group 187
2 Disposable Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles Demand
by Product Group 188
3 Disposable Nonwoven Gowns Demand by Product Group 190
4 Disposable Nonwoven Surgical Gowns Demand 193
5 Disposable Nonwoven Patient Gowns Demand 194
6 Disposable Nonwoven Surgical Drapes Demand
by Application 198
7 Disposable Nonwoven Face Masks Demand by Type 200
8 Other Disposable Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles
Demand by Type 201
9 Disposable Incontinence Products Demand by Product Group 205
1 Other Disposable Medical Supplies Demand
by Product Group 213
2 Infection Prevention Supplies Demand by Product Group 215
3 Sterilization Supplies Demand by Product Group 216
4 Sterile Containers Demand by Type 217
5 Sterilization Wrap Demand by Type 228
6 Sterilization Indicators Demand by Type 230
7 Disposable Medical Gloves Demand by Product Group 233
8 Disposable Examination Gloves Demand 235
9 Disposable Surgical Gloves Demand 238
10 Disposable Waste Disposal Supplies Demand
by Product Group 240
11 Diagnostic & Laboratory Disposables Demand
by Product Group 244
12 Disposable Diabetes Testing Supplies Demand
by Product Group 245
13 Disposable Blood Collection Supplies Demand 249
14 Disposable Labware Demand 251

15 Disposable Diagnostic Catheters Demand by Type 252
16 Other Diagnostic & Laboratory Disposables Demand
by Product Group 255
17 Surgical Disposables Demand by Product Group 262
18 Disposable Procedural Kits & Trays Demand by Type 263
19 Disposable Surgical Catheters Demand by Type 268
20 Disposable Surgical Instruments Demand by Type 275
21 Disposable Plastic Surgical Drapes Demand 276
22 All Other Disposable Medical Supplies Demand
by Product Group 277
23 Disposable Patient Room Supplies Demand 279
24 Disposable Urinary Supplies Demand by Type 281
25 Disposable Ostomy Supplies Demand by Type 286
26 Disposable Enema Supplies Demand 289
1 Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by Market 291
2 Hospital Demand for Disposable Medical Supplies 294
3 Consumer & Home Health Care Markets Demand
for Disposable Medical Supplies 296
4 Outpatient Facilities Demand for Disposable
Medical Supplies 297
5 Physicians' Office Demand for Disposable Medical Supplies 301
6 Nursing Home Demand for Disposable Medical Supplies 303
7 Dental Office Demand for Disposable Medical Supplies 305
8 Disposable Medical Supplies Demand in Other Markets 307
1 US Disposable Medical Supplies Sales
by Company, 2013 309
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 322
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 324


1 National Health Expenditures by Spending Category, 2013 25
1 Raw Materials Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies
by Type, 2013 49
1 Disposable Medical Supplies Demand
by Product Group, 2013 71

1 Disposable Drug Delivery & Related Products Demand
by Product Group, 2013 85
1 Disposable Wound Management Products Demand
by Product Group, 2013 136
1 Disposable Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles Demand
by Product Group, 2013 189
1 Other Disposable Medical Supplies Demand
by Product Group, 2013 214
1 Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by Market, 2013 292
1 Disposable Medical Supplies US Market Share, 2013 314

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