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Medical Device Leader Series: Top Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers 2014-2024

LONDON, Feb. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Reportbuyer.com just published a new market research report:

Medical Device Leader Series: Top Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers 2014-2024

Report Details

Needle-free injecting technologies - discover activities, developments, and prospects of leading companies

What does the future hold for makers of needle-free injection (NFI) products? See what's possible. Visiongain's updated report shows you data to 2024 for that industry and market. There you find analysis, trends, opportunities, and forecasting of revenues.

Our study analyses 14 leading developers and producers of those medical devices. You can now explore the future of NFI to introduce drugs, finding its potential. Discover how you can benefit.

Forecasts and other data for staying ahead in knowledge of those medical injectors

There you examine the industry for needleless injection and needle-free syringes - insulin injectors and other systems. Find what's happening. Potential exists for novel and improved subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, and intravenous drug delivery.

That industry advances. In our report you assess product ranges, historical data, R&D, market shares, sales predictions, and growth rates. There you get quantitative and qualitative analyses. You also find 42 tables, 17 charts and three research interviews.

NFI technology - discover how to help your work, also finding where money lies

Avoid missing out. See how developers overcome problems with parenteral drug application, esp. benefiting use of biological drugs (biologics). You also discover potential revenues.

So the following sections outline what you get in our investigation.

Companies based in North America - what're their outlooks?

First our study gives you financial data and discussions for prominent North American NFI developers and manufacturers:
• Antares Pharma
• Bioject Medical Technologies
• Zogenix
• Activa
• D'Antonio Consultants International.

You also find profiles of these organisations:
• National Medical Products
• Medical International Technologies
• Penjet Corporation
• PharmaJet
• Valeritas.

Discover what the present and future hold for those companies. Also find the money. See revenue predictions to 2024 for the overall world industry for needle-free injection devices.

Hear, too, about developments and prospects of competitors in other countries.

Europe - outlooks for leading developers and producers of medical injection technology

Next our report analyses European-based specialists in that drug delivery:
• Akra Dermojet
• Crossject Medical Technology
• Injex Pharma
• Glide Pharma.

Many commercial opportunities exist, with expanding revenues possible this decade. Discover the best potentials. You find how companies gain advantages and raise sales.

In that work you see what affects the future - what influences success.

Events and forces for developing, producing, marketing, and selling NFI technologies

Our study explains issues affecting that industry and market from 2013 onwards, including these:
• Applications - pain management, vaccine delivery, treating diabetes, paediatric medicine, and other therapies
• Regulations in the US and Europe
• Developments stimulating and restraining that market, inc. allied and competing products.

You also investigate these forces:
• Jet injector devices, transdermal patches, microneedles, pen injectors, and other therapeutic systems
• Solid formulations and other challenges, innovations, and progress in therapy
• Deals, collaborations, and other changes affecting that sector.

There you explore political, economic, social, and technological questions, investigating outlooks for business. Examine what stimulates and restrains that industry and market.

You discover, then, what the present and future hold. You also read opinions from our survey of companies. Stay ahead for information.

Ways Medical Device Leader Series: Top Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers 2014-2024 helps you

In particular, our report gives you the following knowledge:
• Profiles of 14 leading companies - assess products, strategies, and results
• Competition and opportunities - explore what affects the needle-free injectors industry, finding what influences its sales and determines its future
• Revenues to 2024 for that market at world level - discover prospects for success.

That work helps people interested in the future of pharmaceuticals and related instruments, containers, and accessories.

Analysis found nowhere else - discover the future of those devices and applications

Our work gives independent analysis. There you receive business intelligence found only in our report. You're free to choose, and our work lets you discover where the money lies.

With that investigation you're less likely to fall behind in information or miss opportunity. See there how you could benefit your research, analysis, and decisions. So avoid missing out.

Also find how you could save time and get recognition for insight, raising your influence.

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Leading NFI Device Manufacturers: Overview of Findings
1.2 Chapters in the Report
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods
1.4 Aims, Scope and Format of the Report
1.5 Glossary of Terms

2. Introduction to Needle-Free Injection

2.1 What is Needle-Free Drug Delivery?
2.1.1 History of Needle-Free Injections: From Military to Clinic
2.1.2 Modern Needle-Free Devices: Concept of High Pressure Fluid Jet
2.2 What is the Rationale for Needle-Free Injections?
2.3 Applications of Needle-Free Drug Delivery
2.3.1 Pain Management: Using NFI Devices to Administer Lidocaine
2.3.2 Vaccine Delivery: Improving Immune Response
2.3.3 Insulin Delivery: Jet Injection Enhances Drug Distribution
2.3.4 Paediatrics: Alleviating Childhood Anxiety and Phobia
2.4 Regulation of Needle-Free Delivery Devices
2.4.1 The US Regulation System: Prolonged Approval Process
2.4.2 The European Regulation System: Manufacturers Seeking EU Approval First?
2.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Needle-Free Systems

3. The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2013-2024

3.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2012
3.2 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2024
3.3 How Will the Market Shares of Leading Sectors Change From 2013-2024?
3.4 What Will Drive the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market Between 2014 and 2024?
3.5 What Factors are Likely to Restrain the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market Between 2014 and 2024?
3.6 The Global Jet Injector Device Market, 2012
3.6.1 The Global Jet Injector Device Market: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2024
3.6.2 The Global Jet Injector Device Market: Industry Trends, 2013-2024
3.7 The Global Competing Technologies Market, 2012
3.7.1 The Global Competing Technologies Market: Revenue Forecast, 2013-2024
3.7.2 The Global Competing Technologies Market: Industry Trends, 2013-2024 Transdermal Patches: Attractive and Cheap Option Microneedle Technology: Huge Potential for Mass Vaccinations Metered Dose Inhalers: Change in Device Propellant to Drive Adoption

4. The Leading North American Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers, 2013

4.1 Antares Pharma
4.1.1 Needle-Free Products Vision™: Delivering Liquid Insulin or Human Growth Hormone Vibex™: Hidden Needle to Alleviate Patient Fear Pen Injector: Devices Being Used Clinical Testing
4.1.2 Sales Performance, 2012
4.1.3 Needle-Free Injection Device Pipeline Vibex™ MTX: Targeting Growing Population of RA Sufferers Vibex™ QS (QuickShot): Modified Vibex to Offer Improved Function OTREXUP™: Combining Vibex MTX and Methotrexate
4.2 Bioject Medical Technologies
4.2.1 Needle-Free Products Biojector® 2000: Adaptable Power Source Allows Use in Home and Mass Vaccination Setting Vitajet™: Low-cost Insulin Delivery System ZetaJet™: Auto-disable Feature Improves User Safety
4.2.2 Sales Performance
4.2.3 Needle-Free Injection Device Pipeline Intradermal Pen Injector: Targeted Drug Delivery Iject®: Providing Tailored Depth of Penetration Jupiter Jet: Multi Dosing With Single Loaded Syringe
4.2.4 Collaborations MPI Research: Seeking Drug/Device Combinations World Health Organisation (WHO): the Push to Eradicate Infectious Disease in Developing Countries
4.3 Zogenix
4.3.1 Needle-Free Products Sumavel® DosePro®: Rapid Acting Migraine Relief
4.3.2 Sales Performance, 2012
4.3.3 Needle-Free Injection Device Pipeline Relday™: Needle-based Alterative for Improved Drug Distribution
4.3.4 Collaborations
4.3.5 Manufacturing
4.4 Activa Brand Products, Inc.
4.4.1 Technology: the Activa Family for Diabetics
4.4.2 Needle-Free Products Product Advantages
4.5 D'Antonio Consultants International Inc. (DCI)
4.5.1 Needle-Free Products LectraJet®: Lightweight Device Reduces User Fatigue
4.5.2 Needle-Free Injection Device Pipeline Low Workload Jet Injector: Single-shot Manuel System Multi Channel Jet Injector: For Simultaneous Vaccine Delivery
4.6 National Medical Products, Inc.
4.6.1 Needle-Free Products J-Tip®: Offering Needle-free Administration of Anaesthesia
4.7 Medical International Technologies
4.7.1 Needle-Free Products MED-JET®: Extremely Thin Orifice Offers Improved Drug Absorption
4.7.2 Sales Performance, 2012
4.7.3 Increased Awareness Through Globalisation
4.8 Penjet Corporation
4.8.1 Needle-Free Products Penjet®: Nitrogen-powered Device Allows Efficient Storage
4.8.2 Applications Multi-Component Drugs Lyophilised Drug Delivery Small Pox Vaccination
4.9 PharmaJet
4.9.1 Needle-Free Products STRATIS®: Drug Delivery in Less Than a Second
4.9.2 Applications
4.9.3 Collaborations: Pursuing a Drug/Device Combination for Vaccine Administration
4.10 Valeritas
4.10.1 Needle-Free Products Mini-Ject™: Potential Delivery of Lyophilised Drugs May Open Huge Opportunities for Valeritas

5. The Leading European Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers, 2013

5.1 Akra Dermojet
5.1.1 Needle-Free Products Dermojet® "HR": User-Friendly Design Allows Use in High Intensive Applications DERMOJET Polymedical®: Interchangeable Injection Tips Reduces Risk of Contamination Automatic DERMOJET®
5.2 Crossject Medical Technology
5.2.1 Technology: Highly Customisable Device Allows Tailoring to Specific Drugs
5.2.2 Needle-Free Products Zeneo®: Gas Propellant Generated Upon Injection
5.3 Injex Pharma AG
5.3.1 Needle-Free Products INJEX30®: First Multiple Application Needle-Free Device?
5.4 Glide Pharma
5.4.1 Needle-Free Products Glide SDI® Applications
5.4.2 Advantages Injecting Solid Formulations Pharmaceutical Companies
5.4.3 Collaboration with Pfenex Inc. To Aid Delivery of Solid Dose Vaccine

6. Qualitative Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2013-2024

6.1 SWOT Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2013-2024
6.1.1 Strengths A Less Painful Alternative to Needle-Based Injections No Specialist Training Required for Delivery Reduced Transport Costs
6.1.2 Weaknesses Expensive Technology Inefficient Manufacturing Process Off Patent/Generics Require Reformulating Prior to Use in Needle-Free Delivery Systems
6.1.3 Opportunities Emerging Economies Mass Immunisation Programmes Potential Delivery of Vaccines Patent Expiry of Leading Drugs will Increase Competition
6.1.4 Threats Traditional Needles and Syringes are Cheap to Mass Produce Limited Clinical Data Increased Scrutiny from Regulatory Bodies Medical Device Excise Tax
6.2 STEP Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2013-2024
6.2.1 Social Factors
6.2.2 Technological Developments
6.2.3 Economical Pressures
6.2.4 Political Issues

7. Opinions from Our Industry Survey

7.1 Interview with Zogenix Technologies
7.1.1 Recent Technological Developments in Needle-Free Systems
7.1.2 Competing Technologies and Market Opportunities
7.1.3 Market Restraints and Future Directions
7.2 Interview with Bioject Medical Technologies
7.2.1 Finding a Competitive Edge over Market Rivals
7.2.2 Market Dynamics and Company Collaborations
7.2.3 Potential of Emerging Markets and Regulatory Concerns
7.3 Interview with Team Consulting
7.3.1 Historical Development of the Needle-Free Market
7.3.2 Company Activities and Overcoming the Skin Barrier
7.3.3 Challenges and Limits to Market Growth
7.3.4 Prospects for the Needle-Free Market

8. Conclusions

8.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2013-2024
8.2 Zogenix Dominated the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market in 2012
8.3 Strong Company Pipeline Will Help Drive the Market
8.4 Concluding Remarks

List of Tables

Table 1.1 Currency Exchange Rates
Table 2.1 Examples of Needle-Free Vaccine Delivery Systems, 2013
Table 2.2 Examples of Needle-Free Insulin Delivery Systems, 2013
Table 2.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Needle-Free Injection, 2013
Table 3.1 The Global Needle Free Injection Device Market: Revenue ($m) and Market Share (%) by Technology, 2012
Table 3.2 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($m, AGR %, CAGR %) by Technology, 2013-2024
Table 3.3 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Market Share (%) by Technology, 2013-2024
Table 3.4 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Drivers and Restraints, 2013-2024
Table 3.5 Patent Expiries for Leading Drugs, 2014-2016
Table 3.6 Classification of Jet Injector Devices, 2013
Table 3.7 The Global Jet Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($m, AGR %, CAGR %), 2013-2024
Table 3.8 The Global Competing Needle-Free Technologies Market: Revenue Forecast ($m, AGR %, CAGR %), 2013-2024
Table 3.9 Insulin Inhalation Systems in Development, 2013
Table 3.10 Vaccine Inhalers in Development, 2013
Table 4.1 Antares Pharma: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.2 Antares Pharma Licensing Partnerships, 2013
Table 4.3 Antares Pharma: Revenue ($m) & Revenue Share (%) by Business Segment, 2012
Table 4.4 Antares Pharma: Product Revenue ($m, CAGR %) by Category, 2010-2012
Table 4.5 Bioject Medical Technologies: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.6 Bioject: Revenue ($m) and Revenue Share (%), by Product Line, 2010
Table 4.7 Bioject: Summary of Technologies
Table 4.8 Zogenix: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.9 Zogenix: Summary of Technology
Table 4.10 Zogenix: Revenue ($m) and Revenue Share (%) by Business Segment, 2012
Table 4.11 Activa Brand Products: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.12 D'Antonio Consultants: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.13 National Medical Products: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.14 Medical International Technologies: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.15 Medical International Technologies: Revenue ($m, CAGR %), 2009-2012
Table 4.16 PenJet Corporation: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.17 PharmaJet: Key Facts, 2013
Table 4.18 Valeritas: Key Facts, 2013
Table 5.1 Akra Dermojet: Key Facts, 2013
Table 5.2 Akra Dermojet: Summary of Technology
Table 5.3 Crossject Medical Technology: Key Facts, 2013
Table 5.4 Injex Pharma AG: Key Facts, 2013
Table 5.5 Glide Pharma: Key Facts, 2013
Table 6.1 SWOT Analysis of the Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market, 2013-2024
Table 6.2 Average Price for Needle-Free Drug/Vaccine Delivery Technology, 2013
Table 6.3 Patent Expiries for Leading Drugs, 2014-2016
Table 6.4 The Global Needle-Free Injection Market: STEP Analysis, 2013-2024
Table 8.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($m, AGR %, CAGR %) and Market Share (%) by Technology, 2012, 2015, 2018, 2021 and 2024

List of Figures

Figure 3.1 The Global Needle Free Injection Device Market: Share (%) by Technology, 2012
Figure 3.2 The Global Needle Free Injection Device Market: Revenue ($m) by Technology, 2012
Figure 3.3 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($m), 2013-2024
Figure 3.4 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Share (%) by Technology, 2018
Figure 3.5 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Share (%) by Technology, 2024
Figure 3.6 The Global Jet Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($m), 2013-2024
Figure 3.7 The Global Competing Needle-Free Technologies Market: Revenue Forecast ($m), 2013-2024
Figure 4.1 Antares Pharma: Revenue Share (%) by Business Segment, 2012
Figure 4.2 Antares Pharma: Product Revenue ($m) by Category, 2010-2012
Figure 4.3 Bioject: Revenue Share (%) by Product Line, 2010
Figure 4.4 Bioject: Revenue ($m), 2010-2012
Figure 4.5 Zogenix: Revenue Share (%) by Business Segment, 2012
Figure 4.6 Zogenix: Revenue ($m) by Business Segment, 2010-2012
Figure 4.7 Medical International Technologies: Revenue ($m), 2009-2012
Figure 6.1 The Transport Process for a Vaccine
Figure 8.1 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Revenue Forecast ($m) by Technology, 2012, 2015, 2018, 2021 and 2024
Figure 8.2 The Global Needle-Free Injection Device Market: Leading Companies by Revenue ($m), 2012

Companies Listed

Activa Brand Products
Akra Dermojet
ALZA Pharmaceuticals
Ankara University
Antares Pharma
Aradigm Corporation
Astellas Pharma
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Bioject Medical Technologies
BioValve Technologies
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Cambridge Consultants
CDC Measles Eradication Committee
Centre for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
China State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA)
Crossject Medical Technology
CSL Behring
CSL Limited
Daewoong Pharmaceuticals
Dance Pharmaceuticals
D'Antonio Consultants International
Diabetes Management International
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Durect Corporation
Echo Therapeutics
Eli Lilly
Eurojet Medical
European Union
Ferndale Pharma Group
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Georgia Tech University
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Glide Pharma
Harvard University
Injex Pharma AG
JCR Pharmaceuticals
Jiangsu Hualan Medical International Technologies
Johnson & Johnson
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Meda Pharmaceuticals
Medical International Technologies
Merck & Co.
Merck Serono
Mglas AG
Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRP)
MPI Research
National Medical Products
Nektar Therapeutics
North Carolina University
Novo Nordisk
Nypro Limited
Penjet Corporation
Pfenex Inc.
Philips Medical
Team Consulting
Teva Pharmaceuticals
University of Colorado
US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID)
Weston Medical
World Health Organization (WHO)
Zosano Pharma

Read the full report:
Medical Device Leader Series: Top Needle-Free Injection Device Manufacturers 2014-2024

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