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Indian Construction Equipment Market Outlook 2018

NEW YORK, March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Indian Construction Equipment Market Outlook 2018

In India, there is a potential ground of opportunities for the construction sector. The country is in a crucial phase of development where numerous projects are running in different regions, propelling the demand for construction equipments. Analyzing the developments taking place over the decade, there has been significant advancement in the sector. On the supply front, the market has evolved on technology, product utility, variants and price fronts.

Almost all major construction equipment companies across the globe have established presence in India either as joint ventures with Indian companies or as independent entities. Similarly, on the demand front, the Indian consumer has realized the importance of value proposition rather than money, thereby shifting the demand curve towards value driven products, more importantly quality services. The Indian construction equipment industry is projected to exhibit a cumulative annual growth rate of 19% during 2013-2018.

The latest RNCOS study titled "Indian Construction Equipment Market Outlook 2018", is a comprehensive analysis of the industry, reflecting a holistic market performance of major equipments. Our report provides an in-depth analysis of top selling construction equipments in India namely backhoe loaders, excavators, mobile cranes, transit mixers and forklifts. Their individual market performances over the next five years, current sales across regions and key states in each region that have been assessed shall help the reader analyze the market potential. The report also studies the future demand for each of these equipments across the regions and reflects the top states in each region on the basis of upcoming construction projects in the key application verticals for the equipment.

Keeping tab on the upcoming construction projects in each application industry such as power, roads, ports, mining etc. is important to assess the demand for construction equipments. Our research describes in detail, the number of upcoming construction projects in each application industry in each state. It describes the latest industry trends, challenges, government policies and initiatives which need to be considered while devising business strategies. Descriptive profiling of key competitors reflects their businesses, product offerings, dealer network, and strength-weakness analyses.

Our careful analysis of the Indian construction equipment industry shall prove a decisive and informative guide to the industry players, entrants, policy makers and industry stakeholders.
1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Indian Construction Industry Outlook to 2018
4. Upcoming Construction Projects in India
4.1 West India
4.1.1 Projects by State and Application Industries
4.2 South India
4.2.1 Projects by State and Application Industries
4.3 East India
4.3.1 Projects by State and Application Industries
4.4 North India
4.4.1 Projects by State and Application Industries
5. Indian Construction Equipment Market Outlook to 2018
5.1 Market Volume (2013 - 2018)
5.2 Market Value (2013 - 2018)
5.3 Market Segmentation by Product
5.4 Product Level Analysis
5.4.1 Backhoe Loader Market Volume Market Value Regional Market Top States Key Players
5.4.2 Excavator Market Volume Market Value Regional Market Top States Key Players
5.4.3 Mobile Crane Market Volume Market Value Regional Market Top States Key Players
5.4.4 Transit Mixer Market Volume Market Value Key Players
5.4.5 Forklift Market Volume Market Value Key Players
6. Future Demand Analysis
7. Emerging Market Trends
7.1 After Sales Services - Growing Arena for Players
7.2 Demand Shift from Equipment Versatility to Value Proposition
7.3 Fleet Owners Demanding Equipment Tracking Solutions
8. Industry Challenges
8.1 Inferior Imported Products Denting the Market
8.2 Project Bottlenecks Key Impediment to Growth
8.3 Rising Production Costs and Lack of Skilled Labor
9. Construction Equipment Rental Market
10. Construction Equipment Financing Market
11. Regulatory Environment Analysis
12. Competitive Assessment
12.1 BEML Ltd.
12.2 JCB India Limited
12.3 Caterpillar India
12.4 Terex Vectra
12.5 L&T Construction Equipment Ltd.
12.6 Action Construction Equipment Limited (ACE)
12.7 Greaves Cotton
12.8 Escorts Ltd.

List of Figures:

Figure 3-1: Indian Construction Industry Structure
Figure 3-2: Investment in Indian Construction Industry (Trillion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 3-3: Construction Industry Investment by Sector (%), 2013
Figure 3-4: Investment in Real Estate (Trillion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 3-5: Investment in Infrastructure (Trillion INR), 2012-13 to 2016-17
Figure 3-6: Construction Industry Investment by Sector (%), 2018
Figure 3-7: Investment in Infrastructure by '5 Year Plans' (Trillion INR), 2002-07 to 2012-17
Figure 3-8: Investment in Infrastructure by Sector (%), 2012-13
Figure 3-9: Infrastructure Investment Breakup by Sector (%), 2016-17
Figure 4-1: Share of Upcoming Construction Projects by Region
Figure 4-2: Share of Upcoming Construction Projects by Application Industry
Figure 5-1: Construction Equipment Market ('000 Units), 2013-2018
Figure 5-2: Construction Equipment Market (Billion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 5-3: Construction Equipment Market Volume by Equipment (%), 2013
Figure 5-4: Construction Equipment Market Value by Equipment (%), 2013
Figure 5-5: Backhoe Loader Market ('000 Units), 2013-2018
Figure 5-6: Backhoe Loader Market (Billion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 5-7: Market Share of Backhoe Loader by Region (2013)
Figure 5-8: West India - Market Share of Top States in Backhoe Loader (2013)
Figure 5-9: South India - Market Share of Top States in Backhoe Loader (2013)
Figure 5-10: East India - Market Share of Top States in Backhoe Loader (2013)
Figure 5-11: North India - Market Share of Top States in Backhoe Loader (2013)
Figure 5-12: Market Share of Players in Backhoe Loader (2013)
Figure 5-13: Excavator Market ('000 Units), 2013-2018
Figure 5-14: Excavator Market (Billion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 5-15: Market Share of Excavator by Region (2013)
Figure 5-16: West India - Market Share of Top States in Excavators (2013)
Figure 5-17: South India - Market Share of Top States in Excavators (2013)
Figure 5-18: East India - Market Share of Top States in Excavators (2013)
Figure 5-19: North India - Market Share of Top States in Excavators (2013)
Figure 5-20: Market Share of Players in Excavator (2013)
Figure 5-21: Mobile Crane Market ('000 Units), 2013-2018
Figure 5-22: Mobile Crane Market (Billion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 5-23: Market Share of Mobile Crane by Region (2013)
Figure 5-24: West India - Market Share of Top States in Mobile Cranes (2013)
Figure 5-25: South India - Market Share of Top States in Mobile Cranes (2013)
Figure 5-26: East India - Market Share of Top States in Mobile Cranes (2013)
Figure 5-27: North India - Market Share of Top States in Mobile Cranes (2013)
Figure 5-28: Market Share of Players in Mobile Cranes (2013)
Figure 5-29: Transit Mixer Market ('000 Units), 2013-2018
Figure 5-30: Transit Mixer Market (Billion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 5-31: Forklift Market ('000 Units), 2013-2018
Figure 5-32: Forklift Market (Billion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 6-1: Share of Upcoming Construction Projects for Backhoe Loader by Application Industry
Figure 6-2: Share of Upcoming Construction Projects for Excavator by Application Industry
Figure 6-3: Share of Upcoming Construction Projects for Mobile Cranes by Application Industry
Figure 6-4: Share of Upcoming Construction Projects for Transit Mixer by Application Industry
Figure 7-1: After Sales Services and Spares Market (Million US$), 2013 & 2018
Figure 9-1: Construction Equipment Rental Market (Billion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 9-2: Construction Equipment Rental Industry Structure (%), 2013 & 2018
Figure 10-1: Construction Equipment Financing Market (Billion INR), 2013-2018
Figure 10-2: Construction Equipment Financing Market by Player (%), 2013

List of Tables:

Table 4-1: West India - Upcoming Construction Projects by State and Application Industries
Table 4-2: South India - Upcoming Construction Projects by State and Application Industries
Table 4-3: East India - Upcoming Construction Projects by State and Application Industries
Table 4-4: North India - Upcoming Construction Projects by State and Application Industries
Table 5-1: Top 10 States in Backhoe Loader Sales (2013)
Table 5-2: Top 10 States in Excavator Sales (2013)
Table 5-3: Top 10 States in Mobile Crane Sales (2013)
Table 6-1: Construction Equipment Application Industries
Table 6-2: Top 10 States for Backhoe Loader Demand
Table 6-3: Top 10 States for Excavator Demand
Table 6-4: Top 10 States for Mobile Crane Demand
Table 6-5: Top 10 States for Forklift Demand
Table 6-6: Top 10 States for Transit Mixer Demand
Table 8-1: Delayed Mega Projects by Sector as on May 2013
Table 9-1: Average Rental Rates for Construction Equipment (INR)
Table 12-1: BEML Equipment Offering
Table 12-2: BEML Dealer Network
Table 12-3: BEML Strength-Weakness Analysis
Table 12-4: JCB Equipment Offering
Table 12-5: JCB Dealer Network
Table 12-6: JCB Strength-Weakness Analysis
Table 12-7: Caterpillar India Equipment Offering
Table 12-8: Caterpillar India Dealer Network
Table 12-9: Caterpillar India Strength-Weakness Analysis
Table 12-10: Terex Vectra Equipment Offering
Table 12-11: Terex Vectra Dealer Network
Table 12-12: Terex Vectra Strength-Weakness Analysis
Table 12-13: L&T Equipment Offering
Table 12-14: L&T Dealer Network
Table 12-15: L&T Strength-Weakness Analysis
Table 12-16: ACE Equipment Offering
Table 12-17: ACE Dealer Network
Table 12-18: ACE Strength-Weakness Analysis
Table 12-19: Greaves Cotton Equipment Offering
Table 12-20: Greaves Cotton Strength-Weakness Analysis
Table 12-21: Escorts Equipment Offering
Table 12-22: Escorts Dealer Network
Table 12-23: Escorts Strength-Weakness Analysis

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