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World Abrasives Market

NEW YORK, April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

World Abrasives Market

World demand to rise nearly 6% annually through 2017

Worldwide demand for abrasives is forecast to expand nearly six percent per annum through 2017 to just under $40 billion, an acceleration over the 2007- 2012 pace. Abrasives sales are expected to improve greatly in North America and Western Europe. The Africa/Mideast region, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe will perform much better through 2017 as well. In contrast, gains in the Asia/Pacific region are expected to decelerate modestly between 2012 and 2017, after more than a decade of rapid abrasives demand growth. However, the Asia/Pacific abrasives market will still outperform all other regions during this time. In terms of products, paper and other coated abrasives are expected to see the fastest gains through 2017, followed by metallic products and superabrasives. Transportation equipment and fabricated metals will be the best performing end use markets during this period.

China to account for more than half of all new demand

About 55 percent of all additional abrasives demand generated between 2012 and 2017 will be attributable to China, the world's leading consumer of these products. Abrasives sales in the country are projected to rise 10 percent per year through 2017. As the Chinese abrasives market matures, however, growth is expected to decelerate noticeably from the breakneck pace of the last decade. Massive gains in manufacturing activity, rising living standards, and additional foreign investment will stimulate product demand in China. As the country's durable goods industries become more sophisticated, the intensity of abrasives use -- relative to GDP, manufacturing value added, and population size -- will increase noticeably.

Sales of abrasives to accelerate outside of Asia

Following several years of losses during the recession-plagued 2007-2012 period, sales of abrasives in Western Europe are projected to expand nearly two percent per annum between 2012 and 2017. As the region recovers from the financial crisis, production of durable goods is expected to rebound, generating additional demand for abrasives. North America will record considerably faster growth through 2017 than during the previous five-year period as well, for similar reasons. Sales of abrasives in the Africa/Mideast region, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe are expected to accelerate, as their durable goods sectors mature. More sophisticated industries generally require a greater level of abrasives. Additionally, demand for higher-end abrasives will increase, adding to market gains.

Coated, metallic, & superabrasives to gain ground

The coated abrasives segment is projected to remain the leading product type through 2017, growing at an aboveaverage pace. Healthy advances in manufacturing and construction activity, together with large consumer product demand gains, will stimulate paper and other coated abrasives consumption. Metallic abrasives, which are largely used in metalworking plants, foundries, and machine tool factories, are forecast to be the second fastest growing product through 2017 because these and similar industries will grow significantly. Finally, end users will require more advanced and specialized abrasives in the future, as their operations become more sophisticated. This trend will greatly boost global demand for superabrasives.

Study coverage

This upcoming industry study, World Abrasives, presents historical demand data (2002, 2007, 2012) plus forecasts (2017, 2022) by product, market, raw material, world region, and for 23 countries. The study also details market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 38 industry competitors worldwide.





General 4
World Economic Overview 5
Recent Historical Trends 6
World Economic Outlook 8
World Manufacturing Outlook 11
World Gross Fixed Investment Trends 14
World Population Outlook 16
Pricing Patterns 18
Abrasives Properties 21
Technological Trends 23
Regulatory Environment 25


General 28
Regional Overview 29
Demand 30
Production 33
International Trade 36
Demand by Product 38
Nonmetallic 40
Coated 42
Cloth 45
Paper & Other 46
Bonded 48
Conventional 50
Superabrasive 51
Loose Grains & Powders 53
Metallic 56

Demand by Market 59
Durable Goods Manufacturing 61
Machinery 64
Transportation Equipment 65
Fabricated Metals 68
Electrical & Electronic Equipment 69
Other Manufacturing 71
Cleaning & Maintenance 73
Other Markets 75
Abrasives Raw Materials Demand 78


North America: Abrasives Supply & Demand 82
North America: Abrasives Markets 85
North America: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 87
United States 89
United States: Abrasives Supply & Demand 89
United States: Abrasives Markets 92
United States: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 94
Canada 96
Canada: Abrasives Supply & Demand 96
Canada: Abrasives Markets 99
Canada: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 101
Mexico 103
Mexico: Abrasives Supply & Demand 103
Mexico: Abrasives Markets 106
Mexico: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 108


Western Europe: Abrasives Supply & Demand 111
Western Europe: Abrasives Markets 115
Western Europe: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 117
Germany 120
Germany: Abrasives Supply & Demand 120
Germany: Abrasives Markets 122
Germany: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 124
Italy 126
Italy: Abrasives Supply & Demand 126
Italy: Abrasives Markets 129
Italy: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 131

United Kingdom 133
United Kingdom: Abrasives Supply & Demand 133
United Kingdom: Abrasives Markets 136
United Kingdom: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 138
France 140
France: Abrasives Supply & Demand 140
France: Abrasives Markets 143

France: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 145
Spain 147
Spain: Abrasives Supply & Demand 147
Spain: Abrasives Markets 150
Spain: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 152
Other Western Europe 154
Other Western Europe: Abrasives Supply & Demand 154
Other Western Europe: Abrasives Markets 157
Other Western Europe: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 159
Other Western Europe: Abrasives Products & Suppliers by
Country 161
Netherlands 162
Austria 163
Switzerland 164
Belgium 165
All Other 165


Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Supply & Demand 167
Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Markets 171
Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 173
China 175
China: Abrasives Supply & Demand 175
China: Abrasives Markets 179
China: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 180
Japan 182
Japan: Abrasives Supply & Demand 182
Japan: Abrasives Markets 185
Japan: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 187
South Korea 189
South Korea: Abrasives Supply & Demand 189
South Korea: Abrasives Markets 192
South Korea: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 194

India 196
India: Abrasives Supply & Demand 196
India: Abrasives Markets 199
India: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 201
Taiwan 203
Taiwan: Abrasives Supply & Demand 203
Taiwan: Abrasives Markets 206
Taiwan: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 208
Thailand 210
Thailand: Abrasives Supply & Demand 210
Thailand: Abrasives Markets 213
Thailand: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 215
Indonesia 217
Indonesia: Abrasives Supply & Demand 217
Indonesia: Abrasives Markets 220
Indonesia: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 222
Other Asia/Pacific 224
Other Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Supply & Demand 224
Other Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Markets 227
Other Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 229


Central & South America 232
Central & South America: Abrasives Supply & Demand 232
Central & South America: Abrasives Markets 235
Central & South America: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 237
Brazil 239
Other Central & South America 246
Eastern Europe 253
Eastern Europe: Abrasives Supply & Demand 253
Eastern Europe: Abrasives Markets 256
Eastern Europe: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 258

Russia 260
Poland 267
Other Eastern Europe 274
Africa/Mideast 281
Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Supply & Demand 281
Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Markets 284
Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Products & Suppliers 286
Turkey 288
Other Africa/Mideast 295


General 303
Industry Composition 304
Market Share 307
Product Development & Manufacturing 312
Marketing & Distribution 316
Cooperative Agreements 318
Acquisitions, Mergers, & Divestitures 320
Company Profiles 322
Almatis GmbH 323
Asahi Diamond Industrial Company Limited 325
Bosch (Robert) GmbH 328
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation 331
Calumet Abrasives 333
Carborundum Universal Limited 334
Ceradyne Incorporated, see 3M Company
Deerfos Company Limited 337
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 339
ESK Ceramics GmbH & Company KG, see 3M Company
Fujimi Incorporated 342
Global Material Technologies Incorporated 344

Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Company Limited 346
Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH & Company KG 347
HuBei Yuli Abrasive Belt Group Company Limited 349
Imerys SA 350
JacksonLea, see Jason Incorporated
Jason Incorporated 352
Jiangsu Fengmang Compound Material Science & Tech Group
Company Limited 355
Jiangsu Sanling Abrasive Company Limited 356
Kinik Company Limited 357
Klingspor AG 359
Koremura Company Limited, see Asahi Diamond
Industrial Company Limited
KWH Group Limited 362
Lippert-Unipol GmbH, see Jason Incorporated

Luga Abrasive Plant Joint Stock Company 365
Magotteaux International SA 366
Nanyang Zhongnan Diamond Company Limited 368
Nippon Resibon Corporation 369
Noritake Company Limited 370
Osborn International GmbH, see Jason Incorporated
QED Technologies International Incorporated, see Cabot
Microelectronics Corporation
Saint-Gobain 373
Sankyo Rikagaku Company Limited 380
Schleifmittelwerke Burka-Kosmos GmbH, see TYROLIT
Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG
Sealeze, see Jason Incorporated

Shinhan Diamond Industrial Company Limited 383
sia Abrasives Industries AG, see Bosch (Robert) GmbH
3M Company 384
Treibacher Schleifmittel GmbH, see Imerys SA
TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG 390
United Company RUSAL plc 394
Vereinigte Schmirgel-und Maschinen-Fabriken AG 396
Washington Mills North Grafton Incorporated 398
Wendt India Limited, see Carborundum Universal
Winoa Group 401
Winterthur Technologie AG, see 3M Company
Yicheng Silicon Carbide Products Company Limited 404
Other Companies Mentioned in Study 405
Additional Companies List 405



1 Summary Table 3


1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region, 2012 11
2 World Manufacturing Value Added by Region 13
3 World Gross Fixed Investment by Region, 2012 16
4 World Population by Region 18
5 World Abrasives Pricing Trends 20


1 World Abrasives Demand by Region 32
2 World Abrasives Production by Region 35
3 World Abrasives Net Exports by Region 38
4 World Abrasives Demand by Product 39
5 World Nonmetallic Abrasives Demand by Region 41
6 World Coated Abrasives Demand by Product & Region 44
7 World Bonded Abrasives Demand by Product & Region 50
8 World Loose Grains & Powders Demand by Region 56
9 World Metallic Abrasives Demand by Region 59
10 World Abrasives Demand by Market 60
11 World Durable Goods Manufacturing Abrasives Demand by Market
& Region 63
12 World Machinery Manufacturing Abrasives Demand by Region 65

13 World Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Abrasives
Demand by Region 67
14 World Fabricated Metals Manufacturing 69
15 Abrasives Demand by Region 69
16 World Electrical & Electronic Equipment Manufacturing 71
17 Abrasives Demand by Region 71
18 World Demand for Abrasives in Other Durable Goods
Manufacturing Markets by Region 73
19 World Cleaning & Maintenances Abrasive Demand by Region 75
20 World Demand for Abrasives in Other Markets by Region 77
21 World Abrasives Raw Materials Demand by Type & Region 80


1 North America: Abrasives Supply & Demand 84
2 North America: Abrasives Demand by Market 87
3 North America: Abrasives Demand by Product 89
4 United States: Supply & Demand 92
5 United States: Abrasives Demand by Market 94
6 United States: Abrasives Demand by Product 96
7 Canada: Abrasives Supply & Demand 99
8 Canada: Abrasives Demand by Market 101
9 Canada: Abrasives Demand by Product 103
10 Mexico: Abrasives Supply & Demand 106
11 Mexico: Abrasives Demand by Market 108
12 Mexico: Abrasives Demand by Product 110


1 Western Europe: Abrasives Supply & Demand 114
2 Western Europe: Abrasives Demand by Market 117
3 Western Europe: Abrasives Demand by Product 119
4 Germany: Abrasives Supply & Demand 122
5 Germany: Abrasives Demand by Market 124
6 Germany: Abrasives Demand by Product 126
7 Italy: Abrasives Supply & Demand 129
8 Italy: Abrasives Demand by Market 131
9 Italy: Abrasives Demand by Product 133
10 United Kingdom: Abrasives Supply & Demand 136
11 United Kingdom: Abrasives Demand by Market 138
12 United Kingdom: Abrasives Demand by Product 140
13 France: Abrasives Supply & Demand 143
14 France: Abrasives Demand by Market 145
15 France: Abrasives Demand by Product 147
16 Spain: Abrasives Supply & Demand 150
17 Spain: Abrasives Demand by Market 152
18 Spain: Abrasives Demand by Product 154
19 Other Western Europe: Abrasives Supply & Demand 157
20 Other Western Europe: Abrasives Demand by Market 159
21 Other Western Europe: Abrasives Demand by Product 161
22 Other Western Europe: Abrasives Supply & Demand by Country


1 Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Supply & Demand 170
2 Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Demand by Market 173
3 Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Demand by Product 175
4 China: Abrasives Supply & Demand 178
5 China: Abrasives Demand by Market 180
6 China: Abrasives Demand by Product 182
7 Japan: Abrasives Supply & Demand 185
8 Japan: Abrasives Demand by Market 187
9 Japan: Abrasives Demand by Product 189
10 South Korea: Abrasives Supply & Demand 192
11 South Korea: Abrasives Demand by Market 194
12 South Korea: Abrasives Demand by Product 196
13 India: Abrasives Supply & Demand 199

14 India: Abrasives Demand by Market 201
15 India: Abrasives Demand by Product 203
16 Taiwan: Abrasives Supply & Demand 206
17 Taiwan: Abrasives Demand by Market 208
18 Taiwan: Abrasives Demand by Product 210
19 Thailand: Abrasives Supply & Demand 213
20 Thailand: Abrasives Demand by Market 215
21 Thailand: Abrasives Demand by Product 217
22 Indonesia: Abrasives Supply & Demand 220
23 Indonesia: Abrasives Demand by Market 222
24 Indonesia: Abrasives Demand by Product 224
25 Other Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Supply & Demand 227
26 Other Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Demand by Market 229
27 Other Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Demand by Product 231


1 Central & South America: Abrasives Supply & Demand 235
2 Central & South America: Abrasives Demand by Market 237
3 Central & South America: Abrasives Demand by Product 239
4 Brazil: Abrasives Supply & Demand 242
5 Brazil: Abrasives Demand by Market 244
6 Brazil: Abrasives Demand by Product 246
7 Other Central & South America: Abrasives Supply & Demand 249
8 Other Central & South America: Abrasives Demand by Market 251
9 Other Central & South America: Abrasives Demand by Product253
10 Eastern Europe: Abrasives Supply & Demand 256
11 Eastern Europe: Abrasives Demand by Market 258
12 Eastern Europe: Abrasives Demand by Product 260
13 Russia: Abrasives Supply & Demand 263
14 Russia: Abrasives Demand by Market 265
15 Russia: Abrasives Demand by Product 267
16 Poland: Abrasives Supply & Demand 270
17 Poland: Abrasives Demand by Market 272
18 Poland: Abrasives Demand by Product 274
19 Other Eastern Europe: Abrasives Supply & Demand 277
20 Other Eastern Europe: Abrasives Demand by Market 279
21 Other Eastern Europe: Abrasives Demand by Product 281
22 Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Supply & Demand 284
23 Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Demand by Market 286
24 Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Demand by Product 288
25 Turkey: Abrasives Supply & Demand 291
26 Turkey: Abrasives Demand by Market 293
27 Turkey: Abrasives Demand by Product 295
28 Other Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Supply & Demand 298
29 Other Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Demand by Market 300
30 Other Africa/Mideast: Abrasives Demand by Product 302


1 Revenues For Selected Abrasives Products Manufacturers, 2012306
2 Selected Cooperative Agreements 319
3 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 321


1 World Manufacturing Value Added By Region, 2012 14
1 World Abrasives Demand by Region, 2012 33
2 World Abrasives Production by Region, 2012 36
3 World Abrasives Demand by Product, 2012 40
4 World Abrasives Demand by Market, 2012 60
5 World Abrasives Raw Materials Demand by Type, 2012 81
1 North America: Abrasives Demand by Country, 2012 85
1 Western Europe: Abrasives Demand by Country, 2012 115
1 Asia/Pacific: Abrasives Demand by Country, 2012 171
1 World Abrasives Market Share, 2012 308

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