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Plastic Surgery Trends Include the Request for the "Thigh Gap"

Beverly Hills Physicians knows that undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as thigh liposuction can do wonders for a woman's self-esteem, if she is a good candidate mentally

LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "Mind the gap" is a phrase synonymous with the London Tube's underground train, but now it has taken an entirely new meaning. Women, mainly teenagers, seem to be both fascinated and fixated with the so-called "thigh gap," a space of approximately two inches between the upper thighs, even considering plastic surgery to achieve it. This trend has seen the creation of many blogs on Tumblr, with the common theme of "thinspiration," and filled with photos captioned "#thighgap." Even singing sensation Beyonce recently posted a photo of herself golfing with the noticeable space between her thighs, raising eyebrows.  Even her fans agreed it looked like bad Photoshop made it look like she had a thigh gap where none exists.

Beverly Hills Physicians, the medical network regarded for their expertise in innovative procedures like the mommy makeover and buttock augmentation, say thigh liposuction can be a wonderful procedure for women who are good candidates. These blogs may indicate a new national obsession with a gap between the inner thighs, but BHP's plastic surgeons believe the desire for attractive thighs that don't touch is nothing new. Nevertheless, Beverly Hills Physicians strongly encourages women to evaluate their motivation for plastic surgery to get the thigh gap — is it just to follow the fad? Or is the woman legitimately distressed over her thighs that rub together? Women that are truly good candidates for inner thigh liposuction, who perhaps want to balance out their leg proportions, can be seen in BHP's plastic surgery before and after photo galleries.

Even before size zero supermodels sashayed down the runway displaying their "perfect" bodies — particularly their perfect thigh gap — Beverly Hills Physicians had many consultations with patients requesting liposuction of that area. After all, when the gym is not enough, many women who have hourglass or pear-shaped silhouettes often resort to liposuction. These women, whose thighs often rub together uncomfortably, may feel their thighs are disproportionate to their body, and feel self-conscious or embarrassed to be seen in shorts that ride up or at the beach in a bikini. Thighs that rub together can even cause painful rashes if they rub together for an extended period of time..

Fortunately, Beverly Hills Physicians has successfully helped many women who have undergone liposuction to achieve slimmer thighs, to their immense satisfaction. Beverly Hills Physicians transforms patients, especially when they request procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation or tummy tuck. Rising temperatures and shedding layers of clothing make it the perfect time to consider cosmetic surgery procedures, including thigh liposuction, so men and women can be prepared to show off their new bodies when beach season begins. If you are interested in thigh liposuction, or any cosmetic procedure offered by Beverly Hills Physicians, don't delay in calling for a complimentary consultation to get one step closer to the new you. For further information about Beverly Hills Physicians and its excellent network of board-certified doctors, call 800-788-1416, toll-free, or complete a consultation form online at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com today.

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