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Apparancy Building New Benefits Solution to Serve 22 Million Vets in 2014

Apparancy, powered by Corefino ®, announced today that in light of news on the recent pressing demand for a better benefits solution to serve more than 22 million U.S. veterans, it is re-prioritizing its product development efforts to build a new benefits solution. Called “VetApprove”™ , the new cloud-based processing platform will streamline the health, employment, education, state compensation, disability and extended care benefits earned by American veterans.

The Burlingame, California-based business process company, launched in December 2013 on the strength of the trademarked Corefino ® software platform, was originally intended to release its first solution to the U.S. healthcare sector via a third party outsourcing program. However, recent news such as today’s USA Today article on the delays of benefits to older veterans (see http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/05/26/veterans-appeals-leaves-wwii-vietnam-vets-without-benefits-for-decades/9448265/) fueled Apparancy founder and CEO Karen Watts to revise plans and target the company’s groundbreaking cloud processing platform to focus on veteran benefits improvement.

“There hopefully comes a time for everyone where you see pressing need – particularly in instances like this where our most honored Americans are at risk – and you put aside other priorities, regardless of the bottom line,” Watts said. “But we do need help. We need veterans to immediately sign up en masse to prove that a grass roots initiative from the private sector, using current technologies, can be very powerful. We are a small company (www.apparancy.com) positioned to do big things. But it is going to take a groundswell – meaning the grassroots help of the many individuals in our veterans’ community.”

Apparancy is urging veterans to immediately go to www.fundly.com/vetapprove to sign-up and participate in the building and leveraging of a new era of efficiency for U.S. veterans benefits processing. With a strong grass roots level of support by U.S. veterans seeking a better path to support, the platform can be ready in 2014 within a few short months, or even weeks depending upon the strength and speed of veteran sign-ups.

The VetApprove Technology Foundation

VetApprove is poised to immediately improve the handling of the many complex forms, processes and procedures currently attached to government benefit collection…into a simple, streamlined operation. The solution taps into the powerful Corefino technology platform that has already proven its ability to handle the massive complexities of compliancy regulations attached to finance, tax and regulatory requirements.

Apparancy is a pre-built, rapidly-deployed cloud platform solution. It consolidates and structures a cohesive system of record from any number of disparate data sources, and creates a fast, efficient rules-driven framework. Apparancy removes the technology barriers that exist in many third-party software solutions by working with current infrastructure. It does not require a lengthy “rip and replace” action to work, and software and forms that are legally or organizationally mandated stay in place. Instead, Apparancy works with embedded solutions to speed and simplify processes, performing events in a fraction of the time previously required.

“VetApprove replaces the need for veterans to 'figure out' how to navigate a maze of actions and forms required to access their benefits,” Watts said. “Our goal is to make the biggest possible impact now on the lives of U.S. veterans and their families.”

About Apparancy

Apparancy, powered by Corefino, provides an automated, compliance-centric, and holistic business process workflow framework. It offers a line of purpose-built business process management solutions in a cloud-based, software-as-a-service model that target the needs of organizations facing changing regulatory, industry or legal compliancy mandates. The company is founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Karen Watts, who brought the first cloud-based, turnkey financial compliance and reporting solution to market in 2009, called Corefino. The more than 500 business processes underpinning Corefino contributed to the launch of Apparancy in December 2013. Both companies are based in Burlingame, CA.

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