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Volkswagen Group Vehicle Deliveries Rise to Almost Five Million in First Half Year

WOLFSBURG, GERMANY -- (Marketwired) -- 07/11/14 --

  • January to June figure totals 4.97 million / +5.9 percent*

  • Deliveries in June grow 3.9 percent to 859,400 units*

  • Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler: "The Group showed satisfactory development in the first six months. The challenges on the various world markets persist."

The Volkswagen Group reported further growth in deliveries during the first half of 2014, handing over almost five million vehicles during this period. In total, 4.97 (January-June 2013: 4.69; +5.9 percent)* million vehicles were delivered to customers worldwide from January to June this year. Developments during the month of June were also positive, with the company handing over 859,400 (June 2013: 827,500; +3.9 percent)* units. "The Volkswagen Group showed satisfactory development in the first half year even though market conditions were at times difficult. However, the economic environment on some world markets remains tense," Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler said in Wolfsburg on Friday, and added: "Despite these challenges, the Volkswagen Group is entering the second half of the year with confidence. But we are also well aware of the tasks that lie ahead."

Group brands delivered a total of 1.99 (1.87; +6.9 percent) million vehicles on the overall European market in the first half year. 1.05 (0.97; +8.3 percent) million customers took possession of a new vehicle in Western Europe (excluding Germany). 613,200 (583,900; +5.0 percent) units were delivered in the home market of Germany. The Group handed over 331,300 (313,100; +5.8 percent) vehicles to customers in Central and Eastern Europe, of which 137,200 (149,900; -8.5 percent) units were delivered in Russia.

The Group delivered 424,900 (437,900; -3.0 percent) vehicles in the North America region from January to June, of which 288,000 (303,900; -5.3 percent) units were handed over to customers in the United States. In the South America region, the Volkswagen Group delivered 350,800 (450,500; -22.1 percent) vehicles to customers during the same period, of which 271,700 (332,800; -18.3 percent) units were handed over to customers in Brazil.

The Group continued to record very encouraging figures in the Asia-Pacific region, where 2.00 (1.73; +15.8 percent) million vehicles were delivered to customers, of which 1.81 (1.54; +17.5 percent) million units were handed over in China, the Group's largest single market.

Outline of developments at Group brands

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 3.07 (2.95; +3.8 percent) million vehicles to customers worldwide from January to June. The brand developed particularly well in China, handing over 1.39 (1.17; +18.5 percent) million vehicles to customers there, and in Western Europe (excluding Germany), where 451,300 (427,800; +5.5 percent) customers took possession of a new Volkswagen.

Audi delivered 869,400 (780,500) vehicles worldwide in the first half year, an increase of 11.4 percent. The premium brand from Ingolstadt benefited among other things from substantial growth in China, where 268,700 (228,100; +17.8 percent) vehicles were handed over to customers. The brand also grew deliveries in the United States compared with the same prior-year period, handing over 84,300 (74,300) automobiles, an increase of 13.6 percent.

The sports car manufacturer Porsche delivered a total of 87,800 (81,600; +7.6 percent) vehicles in the period to June. Demand for models from the Stuttgart-based carmaker was particularly high in the Asia-Pacific region, where 26,600 (24,300; +9.1 percent) vehicles were delivered, and in the North America region, where 25,600 (23,500; +9.1 percent) models were handed over to customers.

The ŠKODA brand delivered 522,500 (464,600; +12.5 percent) vehicles worldwide from January to June. The company handed over 137,300 (120,700; +13.8 percent) vehicles to customers in Central and Eastern Europe. 141,300 (118,000; +19.8 percent) vehicles were delivered in Western Europe (excluding Germany) during the same period.

SEAT delivered 200,200 (182,200; +9.9 percent) vehicles worldwide in the period to June. The company handed over 171,200 (150,500; +13.8 percent) vehicles to customers in the overall European market. Developments in Central and Eastern Europe were particularly pleasing, with 12,900 (7,300) units handed over to customers there, an increase of 78.2 percent.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 217,800 (226,600; -3.9 percent) vehicles in the first half year. 87,800 (81,300; +8.1 percent) units were handed over to customers in Western Europe (excluding Germany). Vehicle deliveries in the home market of Germany rose to 56,000 (54,000; +3.7 percent).

*) excluding MAN and Scania

Volkswagen Group Communications
Spokesperson Sales and Marketing
Enrico Beltz
Phone: +49 (0) 53 61 / 9-4 85 90
E-mail: Email Contact

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