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Ambassador John Bolton Endorses 19 Candidates for US Congress

The John Bolton PAC has Contributed More Than $540,000, Making It the Most Active Leadership PAC in the Country

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - September 22, 2016) - Ambassador John Bolton announced his support of 19 candidates running for election to the United States Congress. Additionally, the John Bolton PAC has pledged a collective contribution of $100,000 to be distributed to the candidates' campaigns.

Candidates receiving PAC contributions:

Scott Tipton (CO-3)       Jack Bergman (MI-1)      Danny Tarkanian (NV-3)   
John Mica (FL-7)          Tim Walberg (MI-7)       Peter King (NY-2)        
Brian Mast (FL-18)        Stewart Mills (MN-8)     Mike McCaul (TX-10)      
Rick Allen (GA-12)        Don Bacon (NE-2)         Mike Lee (UT)            
Mike Bost (IL-12)         Tom MacArthur (NJ-3)     Mike Gallagher (WI-8)    
Darin LaHood (IL-16)      Chris Smith (NJ-4)       Liz Cheney (WY-At-Large) 
                          Scott Garrett (NJ-5)                              

These endorsements come as a part of a larger effort by Ambassador Bolton to ensure America elects officials to Congress who will put the country's national security interests first, both at home and abroad. Ambassador Bolton has endorsed 80 candidates and contributed over $540,000 in the 2016 election cycle, and will continue to make endorsements in the lead-up to November 8th. The Bolton SuperPAC is spending $3M on independent expenditure campaigns for Senator Richard Burr (NC), Dr. Joe Heck (NV), and Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH).

"Recent bombings in New Jersey and New York prove the threat of terrorism is as real at home as it is in other parts of the world," said Ambassador Bolton. "It is imperative that the 115th Congress is represented by Republican leaders who understand the dangerous times we live in and will vote for strong national defense policies that ensure America's safety. I am proud to endorse and contribute to the campaigns of these 19 candidates."

Ambassador Bolton on Scott Tipton (CO-3)
"In Congress, Scott has supported strengthening our military, protecting America from ISIS and other international threats," said Ambassador Bolton. "I believe Scott has the mindset and dedication that we need in Congress as these threats evolve and become more dangerous, which is why I endorse his candidacy for re-election to Congress."

Ambassador Bolton on John Mica (FL-7)
"During John's time in Congress, he has been a champion for America's strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel," said Ambassador Bolton. "John was a leader in the fight against Obama's misguided Iran Deal and sponsored numerous legislation in support of strengthening our nation's military and protecting our veterans, which is why I am supporting John's re-election to Congress."

Ambassador Bolton on Brian Mast (FL-18)
"As a combat veteran of the war in Afghanistan, I know national security will be Brian's top priority as a member of Congress," said Ambassador Bolton. "He understands the importance of protecting our citizens as well as America's leadership role in the world, which is why I am proud to endorse his candidacy for Congress."

Ambassador Bolton on Rick Allen (GA-12)
"Rick is a constitutional conservative, who has played an active role in Congress to ensure our national security is a top priority," said Ambassador Bolton. "I am endorsing Rick's candidacy for re-election to Congress because he will continue his great work to defend our borders and strengthen our military's defense against threats to our nation."

Ambassador Bolton on Mike Bost (IL-12)
"As a U.S Marine veteran, Mike will work to ensure the safety and security of our country, and the protection of our military veterans," said Ambassador Bolton. "I support his candidacy for Congress because I know he will take a strong stand against terrorism and will work to better secure our nation."

Ambassador Bolton on Darin LaHood (IL-18)
"As a former Chief Terrorism Prosecutor, Darin has devoted his time in office to reinforcing our country's defense system," said Ambassador Bolton. "I support his candidacy for re-election to Congress because I know he understands the grave national security threats that our country is facing and will actively work to stop them."

Ambassador Bolton on Jack Bergman (MI-1)
"As a retired United States Marine Corps general, Jack has first hand experience in what it means to defend our country from terrorism and other international threats," said Ambassador Bolton. "Jack understands the need for a strong military defense, and sending our troops into battle only when it is necessary for our country's security. This is why I endorse his candidacy for re-election to Congress."

Ambassador Bolton on Tim Walberg (MI-7)
"As a Congressman, Tim has worked to ensure the strong defense and security of our nation," said Ambassador Bolton. "Tim believes we need to face the fight against terrorism and pass legislation to better secure our homeland, which is why I am endorsing his re-election to Congress."

Ambassador Bolton on Stewart Mills (MN-8)
"As a supporter and defender of our nation's freedom, Stewart exemplifies what it means to be a leader," said Ambassador Bolton. "I am endorsing his candidacy to Congress because I believe he has the skills needed to defend our nation and strengthen our foreign policy strategy."

Ambassador Bolton on Don Bacon (NE-2)
"As a retired United States Air Force general, Don has personally devoted his time to defending our country and securing its borders," said Ambassador Bolton. "He believes, as I do, that America needs assertive leadership to defend its national security. I believe Don has the dedication and experience necessary to serve in Congress, which is why I support his candidacy for Congress."

Ambassador Bolton on Tom MacArthur (NJ-3)
"A former mayor and councilman, Tom has invaluable experience and leadership that he has applied in Washington," said Ambassador Bolton. "Since entering Congress, Tom has served on the House Armed Services Committee and has advocated for over 65,000 veterans. I support his candidacy for re-election because he will continue to put the nation's servicemen and women first."

Ambassador Bolton on Chris Smith (NJ-4)
"During his tenure in Congress, Chris has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our nation," said Ambassador Bolton. "Through the years, Chris passed numerous laws that benefitted veterans and strengthened our foreign policy. Today he is a much needed voice in Congress who will continue to lead the charge against ISIS, and I support his re-election to Congress."

Ambassador Bolton on Scott Garrett (NJ-5)
"In Congress, Scott has worked hard to enhance America's national security and strengthen our foreign policy," said Ambassador Bolton. "I support his re-election to Congress because I know he understands the urgency of the threats America faces, as well as the need for an increase in defense spending and strong national defense policies."

Ambassador Bolton on Danny Tarkanian (NV-3)
"Danny believes, as I do, that there is no greater responsibility of the federal government than keeping America safe, yet this is where the Obama Administration has failed us most," said Ambassador Bolton. "I endorse Danny for Congress because he supports securing our borders and taking decisive action against terrorism and threats abroad."

Ambassador Bolton on Peter King (NY-2)
"As Chairman of the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Committee, Peter has been a strong leader in the war against international terrorism," said Ambassador Bolton. "He understands the importance of proactively fighting ISIS and other terrorist cells across the globe. I support his candidacy for re-election to Congress as I know he will work tirelessly to strengthen America's national security."

Ambassador Bolton on Mike McCaul (TX-10)
"Mike is the Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, and in this leadership role he understands America's national security priorities," said Ambassador Bolton. "I support Mike's run for reelection to Congress as I know he will continue to prioritize the safety and security of our nation."

Ambassador Bolton on Mike Lee (UT)
"While serving in the Senate, Mike has applied thoughtful solutions to some of America's most pressing national security challenges," said Ambassador Bolton. "He understands that Obama's failed foreign policy has hurt America's standing in the world and he is working to ensure our military and policy is strong and effective. I fully support his candidacy for re-election to the Senate."

Ambassador Bolton on Mike Gallagher (WI-8)
"As a strong conservative leader and Marine Veteran, Mike understands the importance in securing our nation for present and future generations," said Ambassador Bolton. "He served admirably in our nation's military and believes that America needs leaders who know what it takes to protect our country, which is why I endorse his candidacy for Congress."

Ambassador Bolton on Liz Cheney (WY At-Large)
"Liz has excellent foreign policy expertise that will serve Wyoming and America well as Congress looks to rebuild from an administration that has weakened our national defense," said Ambassador Bolton. "We need leaders in Congress like Liz, who understand that the world is safer when America leads from strength, which is why I am proud to endorse her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives."

About the John Bolton PAC (www.boltonpac.com): The John Bolton PAC was founded by former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John R. Bolton to raise the importance of American national security in federal elections. The PAC will support and contribute to candidates who are committed to restoring strong American economic and national security policies that secure America's interests in a challenging world.

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