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Acapela Group Releases New Acapela TTS Version for Developers - Update for New Voices and Audio Boost Capability!

MONS, Belgium, October 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Stay tuned and update your Acapela TTS SDK! New voices, Audio boost, enhanced spelling mode and linguistic improvements are part of the menu of this new version. Available for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Linux Embedded, Win CE, Windows and Linux Server.

New voices are joining the Acapela family 

French, Norwegian and Swedish children voices have been added to V. 9.4. The full family of girl and boy voices is now available in our products with a unique portfolio of 18 authentic voices that keep giving the say to young users around the world.

Anais, a new French voice has join the portfolio bringing to 9 the number of voices for this language. She adds a commercial telephone operator tone to our voice portfolio.


And 'Claudia Smile' adds a cheerful voice to our German offer.  Our German voice talent has been recorded a second time under the watchfulness of our linguist experts to create a smiling version of the already existing 'Claudia' standard voice. Claudia will now provide interfaces and contents a pretty smile.

Speak volume with audio Boost 

Audio boost provides +3dB extra loudness, for further volume expansion when it is activated to the maximum level, you can activate this feature for more volume.

All Acapela SDKs are benefiting from this new version.

    - In version 9.400 of Acapela TTS for Windows, Mac OSX
    - In version 1.800 of Acapela TTS for iOS
    - In version 1.600 of Acapela TTS for Android
    - In version 8.500 of Acapela TTS for Linux Embedded
    - In version 8.500 of Acapela TTS for Win CE
    - In version 8.200 of Acapela TTS for Windows and Linux Server

  • Belgian version of each French voice: including another preprocessing lexicon in order to pronounce 7x and 9x variants. On the long run it will allow alternative pronunciations as well.
  • Enhancement of spelling mode, e.g.: \rms=1\ α => its says the full word alpha instead of spelling it "A, L, P, H, A"
  • Memory usage optimization
  • Enhanced synchronization on words especially for groups of words being highlighted as a single word that are now highlighted word by word.

General Linguistic Improvements

  • Norwegian: Major update. This new release provides an updated Part-Of-Speech tagger as well as new breathing model and enhanced phonetizer and stress restoration system and more.
  • French and Canadian French: phrasing/chunker have been aligned on the voices' natural phrasing as well as breathing model, part of speech tagger has been enhanced. New Anais voice.
  • Dutch:  Part of speech analysis and stress model has been updated.
  • German: Improved morphological analysis leading to more accurate pronunciations/phrasing on compound words. German ClaudiaSmile joins our standard portfolio and offers a commercial-smile variation on Claudia's' existing voice.
  • Regular maintenance and bug correction on all other languages.

Specific for mobile devices:  add voice mode load option (full preprocessing, preprocessing HD and unplugged)

Specific for Servers:


  • Registry configuration replaced by file configuration (all binaries components)
  • Remove SAPI 4 support (client)


  • Handling for special HTML/XML meta characters (' " < > &  ) replaced by single character
  • Fix all SSML "says-as" tags replaced by single space character except 'spelling' tag replaced by Acatts rms tag
  • Support URL file in SSML <audio ..> tag

New tags to support Acatts based exceptions/abbreviations (dynamic exceptions/abbreviations and files) allowing to load up 10 files at a time

About Acapela Group, http://www.acapela-group.com  

Acapela Group, voice expert with 30 years of experience behind it, invents speech solutions to give you the say.

Our wide range of voices vocalize your content into a natural audio result, with meaning and intent, in up to 34 languages. Our voices inform, guide, educate, tell stories, help to communicate.

Our repertoire includes very different voice personas for very different uses. Female or male, adult and children, with or without accent, happy or whispering, standard or custom voices: they are all designed to shape the context. From the individual voice for a speech impaired person to the custom made voice for an organization, our international team of experts is here to create the voice you need.

Discover our solutions adapted to your particular project and market specificities. We can answer all requests and provide perfect vocalization whether for voice integration, online and on demand use, audio production, specific needs.

Communication, Transport, Education, Accessibility, Mobility, Robotics … over 1000 companies in the world have already adopted Acapela high quality voices to give the say to their products and services, in very different markets.

We are fully dedicated to developing innovative voice solutions and we are set up to add audible value to your services and applications, to enhance your business through the spoken word. Let's talk!

SOURCE Acapela Group

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