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451 Research: Over 80% of Online Subscribers Prefer "In-browser" Communications from their Service Provider

Study Reveals Email is No Longer an Effective Communications Medium: 62% of Internet Subscribers Check Their Service Provider Email Only Once Per Month or Less

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - October 19, 2016) - Nominum® announced today a new report published by 451 Research, which reveals that a growing percentage of internet subscribers no longer prefer receiving account information and important alerts from their communications service provider (CSP) via email. Instead, a majority prefer emerging methods, such as in-browser messages, where push notifications appear in a customer's web browsing window.

As highlighted in the report, "Subscribers Demand New Communication Methods from Service Providers," nearly 90% of respondents stated they would like to receive important notifications about security-related events through in-browser messaging, while 83% are willing to be notified of upcoming bill payments through this personalized communication medium. Nearly one-quarter of those surveyed said they never check the email account assigned to them by their CSP, while 40% check it only once per month -- underscoring the notion that email is no longer an effective way for CSPs to send information to their subscribers.

The report reveals shifting consumer attitudes towards embracing new forms of digital engagement. In particular, it examines how subscribers respond to existing communications approaches, as well as emerging methods such as in-browser messaging. In-browser messages are shown to have over a 90% view rate within 24 hours of being sent. Not only are customers generally willing to accept these communications, but they also deliver five to 15 times higher click-through rates as compared with other communication techniques like email, mobile notifications and SMS messages.

Digital Subscribers Now Want Two-Way Communications on Their Terms, on Any Device

"With the vast numbers of people using the internet, mobile technologies and social media, consumers have become increasingly selective in how they choose to communicate with their service provider," said Sheryl Kingstone, research director for 451 Research. "Our research shows that an overwhelming majority of consumers show strong interest in receiving in-browser messaging for account alerts, service notifications and other important communications from their CSP over traditional communication methods such as email and direct mail -- and they want to be able to receive these messages anywhere and on any device. In-browser messaging is a highly effective way to do just that, as it reaches subscribers when they are online and engaged, and is shown to deliver much higher response rates."

For the 451 Research report, the process included a web-based survey of 200 consumers in the U.S. and 200 consumers in the UK. The survey focused on respondents who are TV, broadband and wireless account owners between the ages of 20-64 who generally lean toward SMS as a preferred communications method. Key findings from the 451 survey include:

  • 86% state that in-browser messaging is important for security alerts and advice on how to fix problems
  • 83% said they are willing to be notified in-browser for billing and payments
  • 83% of customers also place importance on proactive alerts for customer experience improvements

The three most popular uses for in-browser messages were:

  • proactive customer experience messages such as billing reminders (e.g. payment due, paperless billing)
  • security alerts (e.g. device infection)
  • service notices (e.g. scheduled outages, appointment reminders)

The Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time: Key to Offering a Personalized Experience

Achieving the subscriber communications trifecta -- sending the right message to the right person at the right time -- is key to optimizing the subscriber online experience. There are numerous use cases where an in-browser messaging platform is shown to deliver superior results in areas such as:

  • Cybersecurity Defense
  • Value-added Services
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Billing and Revenue Management
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance

"Our customers have shown that with Nominum's N2™ Reach in-browser messaging for various subscriber communications and alerts, the message view rate is virtually 100%. Additionally, there is a higher percentage of users taking action on notifications, generating added revenue and increased customer loyalty for the CSP," said John Arledge, vice president of applications for Nominum. "Messages that alert subscribers of data limits being reached, cyberthreats that may have affected household devices, and discounts available for subscription renewals -- as a few examples -- are simple to convey and tell subscribers that they're important to their CSP, which goes a long way toward building customer loyalty."

Nominum N2 Reach gives service providers powerful subscriber communications capabilities and empowers employees across different customer-facing business units to create and manage compelling in-browser messaging campaigns without IT intervention. N2 Reach can be quickly integrated in any CSP network environment and enables service providers to deliver important messages directly in the subscriber's browser -- on any device or OS. It is dynamic and adaptive, offering "set it and forget it" capabilities that automatically add or remove subscribers based on CSP-defined attributes such as billing cycles and data limits.

A live dashboard offers metrics and intuitive reporting that help providers measure and optimize campaigns, and easily report results within the organization. With powerful mechanisms built in to reach target audiences with targeted messages quickly, N2 Reach is superior to email and SMS for the full spectrum of subscriber outreach including: sales, marketing, billing, usage notifications, on-boarding, customer service and compliance.

To download the full 451 Research report, visit http://nominum.com/resource/451-research/.

About 451 Research

451 Research is a preeminent information technology research and advisory company. With a core focus on technology innovation and market disruption, we provide essential insight for leaders of the digital economy. More than 100 analysts and consultants deliver that insight via syndicated research, advisory services and live events to over 1,000 client organizations in North America, Europe and around the world. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in New York, 451 Research is a division of The 451 Group.

About Nominum

Nominum® is the world's DNS innovation leader and the first company to create an integrated suite of DNS-based, subscriber-centric applications to digitally transform service providers and personalize the online subscriber experience.

Nominum N2™ solutions leverage the company's market-leading Vantio™ DNS software and expert team of data scientists to forge a clear path for service providers to move beyond a network-centric approach to a value proposition that is subscriber-centric and highly differentiated. N2 provides an extensible network services framework that synchronizes digital capabilities with people, processes and systems across the organization to deliver personalized solutions that enhance subscriber value and brand loyalty, fuel revenue growth and bolster competitive advantage.

Nominum is a global software company headquartered in Silicon Valley. More than 100 service providers in over 40 countries trust Nominum to enable a safer, more personalized internet experience and promote greater value to subscribers. Nominum DNS software resolves 1.6 trillion queries around the globe each day -- roughly 100 times more transactions than the combined daily volume of tweets, likes, and searches taking place on major web properties. For more information, please visit nominum.com.

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