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BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY Celebrates Opening of North American Branch with Advertisement on NASDAQ Tower

BEIJING, Oct.19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY launched an advertisement recently on the Reuters Sign and NASDAQ Tower at Times Square in New York to celebrate the opening of its North American Branch. BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY has taken the lead in introducing innovative technologies from China into the international market, which has set a typical example among Chinese Fintech enterprises in the exploration of overseas markets.

To accelerate the process of integrating itself into the US market, BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY's North American Branch has enlisted an array of industry elites, mostly from world renowned companies such as Google, IBM, Standard Chartered, and Alcatel-Lucent. Coincidentally, the principal of BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY's North American Branch once worked for one of the top 500 enterprises in the world and has founded several enterprises himself. With his two companies successfully going public on NASDAQ, he has gained an in-depth insight of the characteristics and consumers' habits of the US market.

Even before the birth of BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY, Mr. Zhu Shaokang, CEO of the company, elucidated his entrepreneurship ideas to the incumbent principal of BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY North America but got a reply--"Probably no way". However, time has given the best answer.

BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY has organized the most mature technologies and has achieved what is impossible for others in its business mode. And innovation is not creating something out of nothing--the key lies in doing what is impossible for others based on the customers' original business. As a result, he persuaded his North American chief with mature technologies and a breathtaking speed of development. As regards the establishment of the North American Branch of BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY, the principal of the branch regarded it as an excitement although US customers have their own habits of usage, they share the same philosophy with others about products at critical points.

BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY will invite local professionals with long-time, rich experience in serving finance customers in the manner of consultation service to work and innovate together with US financial customers to rapidly accustom the business mode of BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY in the US local setting.

If the year 2013 was the first year for Fintech in China, 2014 is a year of rapid growth, and 2015 a year of the exploration into compliance supervision and regulation of Internet finance. Now, Internet finance has entered a brand-new stage of development in China. The supervision and regulation work has been pushed forward in an orderly fashion, investors have become more mature and rational, and the industry innovation is becoming more reliant on the driving force from information technology.

The year 2016 has become the first year of the development of "Chinese Fintech". The enterprises in various domains of Internet finance have launched a spontaneous reform to divest themselves of tags of "Internet finance" and begun to get close to Fintech, which was out of pressure from supervision for some of the enterprises; while for more of them, it was an effort to transform and upgrade themselves backed up by technology.

However, each reform of the industry must be accompanied with temporary pains. Facing ever-increasing cost of customer acquisition for investors and regulatory pressure, Fintech has provided a good opportunity for enterprises in transformation. How the enterprises can accommodate supervision and achieve compliant development and a smooth transition has become a top priority for solving the conundrum facing Fintech in China.

Before the bewilderment arising from the transformation, BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY was born in a timely manner in 2014. As an enterprise-level mobile Internet service provider focusing on the financial industry, BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY helps new financial enterprises solve management and risk control issues through a "cloud-web-terminal" mode and Internet means (way of SaaS delivery), so that the enterprises can not only maintain the core values of the financial industry but also be endowed with the essence of the Internet for the financial industry. Through controllable value adding of core business, the company can facilitate financial services for more efficient matching.

The principal of BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY North America told the reporter that although the concept of Fintech originates from the US, the financial industry here needs more customized innovative services given the high coverage of traditional finance and a developed credit system in the US. During its development in China, BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY has accumulated rich experience in setting up of enterprise procedures, risk control system improvement, precision marketing with the help of big data, as well as cost reduction and efficiency improvement, etc., all of which can create more room for innovation in the development of Fintech and traditional finance in the US.

According to analysts, the development of Fintech in China will influence the whole world in the future. A small step made by BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY is actually a great step for Fintech in China. Chinese Fintech enterprises are realizing a transformation of their roles from copying external modes to innovating and exporting internal characteristics. Some typical Chinese Fintech enterprises including BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY have become global leaders in Fintech from regional participants in the changing industry .


Founded in 2014, BRAVOWHALE TECHNOLOGY is an enterprise mobile Internet service provider focusing on the financial industry committed to creating for financial enterprises a secure, efficient and financial planner-centered platform for mobile sales management through a "cloud-web-terminal" mode.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has set up subsidiaries in Beijing and Chengdu as well as a data center and a R&D center in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province and a data backup center in Beijing.

With its leading technical advantages, high quality products and services and innovative business mode, the company always creates value for its customers, promotes innovation, transformation and compliance development of the financial industry, facilitates mutual benefit and a win-win situation for all industry players and makes its contribution to providing higher quality mobile financial services to investors.


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