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Automatic, Fully Parallel Data Engineering for DBMS and GIS

Radian Parallel Technology Does in Seconds what Used to Take Hours

HONG KONG, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Manifold has shipped Radian® Studio, a massively parallel data engineering environment for DBMS and GIS that anyone can afford. Radian automatically runs on thousands of GPU cores plus all CPU cores to sprint through big jobs that crush non-parallel software. Radian does in seconds what can take hours without Radian.

Radian users can explore, extract, visualize, blend, transform, load, data-mine and analyze both traditional data types in tables as well as spatial data types like drone images, vector geometry, multispectral rasters, location data, drawings and maps, and do that better with Radian than any GIS or DBMS alone can do. 

Pop open a 100 GB aerial image instantly, manipulate it with spatial SQL and then load it into your organization's Oracle spatial database with perfect spatial registration. Copy from Oracle and paste into PostgreSQL while transforming coordinate systems on the fly. Display your data within petabytes of supporting data from millions of web servers using any standard protocol. Work with huge vectors that crush non-parallel GIS.

Radian automatically applies thousands of fully parallel capabilities, including automatic transformation of spatial infrastructure using thousands of coordinate systems within hundreds of spatial standards, all packaged within one of the most sophisticated and complete SQL engines ever created. Radian can connect to virtually every database server, web data source or file format known in DBMS or GIS.

Radian is the GPU DBMS for everyone: No parallel skills are required. Write the standard SQL you already know and Radian on the fly parallelizes it for simultaneous parallel execution using all CPU cores and thousands of GPU cores. Using an optimal mix of manycore CPU parallelism plus massively parallel GPU, Radian's dynamic, just in time, parallel architecture optimizers create better parallelism on the fly than most programmers can hand code.

Users who don't know SQL can point and click their way through easy dialogs to leverage parallel power in hundreds of data engineering and analytic tasks, and then transition to SQL using Radian's ability to write SQL for you. More advanced users can script using eleven different scripting languages for total programmability.

Radian runs 64-bit on Windows desktop computers with no exotic, in-memory server farm required. Radian runs standalone as a fully parallel CPU/GPU DBMS for local work, or connected to multiple different database servers as a massively powerful, parallel client database engine, or both at the same time.  

Radian transforms data in place within existing database storage or within Radian's own ultra-fast storage. Standalone, Radian easily handles projects with hundreds of GB on a desktop. Connected to external DBMS servers or to the cloud, Radian reaches petabytes of data. Using inexpensive, desktop GPU cards Radian can execute tasks that choke a non-Radian system, even if the data stays resident on external database servers.

At $395 for a fully-paid license delivered instantly online, Radian serves many markets in addition to IT users who mix enterprise DBMS and spatial data engineering. Radian's low price also serves individuals and smaller organizations in applications such as personal DBMS management, format conversion, connecting to thousands of different web-based information sources and much more.

Radian Enhances DBMS and GIS

Valuable data is all about location, and spatial data is big data that crushes traditional tools. Big data requires more spatial power than found in DBMS, and big data requires more DBMS power than found in GIS. Both DBMS and GIS lack parallel computational power required for big data and analytic insights.

Radian combines the strengths of GIS and DBMS to accomplish what either DBMS or GIS alone cannot, and Radian adds the massively parallel processing muscle of GPU DBMS and manycore CPU. Radian enhances existing DBMS and GIS by delivering a blend of geospatial and traditional data capabilities in a single, highly integrated package that plays perfectly with database and spatial tools already deployed. 

DBMS people using Radian get unmatched spatial power, far stronger than any GIS, and they get that spatial power with the full DBMS sophistication they demand, seamlessly integrated into Radian's enterprise class DBMS engine and phenomenally complete Radian SQL. Radian's DBMS sophistication makes it easy for IT users to expand the value of their spatial data with no need to struggle with older spatial tools that play poorly with DBMS.

Radian delivers so much power and convenience that DBMS people will use Radian for traditional data that has no spatial context. Radian's combination of massively parallel GPU and manycore parallel CPU makes work easier and delivers insights faster and better with all data types.

At the same time, Radian serves GIS people by delivering breakthrough DBMS sophistication that is seamlessly spatially-aware, providing enterprise class data management, analytics and raw parallel power for big data that far exceeds anything found in GIS alone. For the first time, users of traditional GIS such as ESRI can apply truly world class, fully parallel, spatial SQL to their geodatabase holdings, all in place and with perfect compatibility with the rest of their GIS stack.

About Manifold

Manifold Software Limited has created advanced GIS and database packages for over 20 years, nine years ago introducing the world's first commercial GPGPU-enabled product and 15 years ago introducing the first desktop GIS with built-in, enterprise-quality, spatial SQL. Manifold has earned fame for elite algorithms, phenomenally complete infrastructure and bulletproof reliability. Serving industry, academia, science, government and military users in over 120 countries, Manifold competes by providing better quality, greater functionality and superior performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional software. Manifold is based in Hong Kong with development in Asia and Europe.

Contact: Mike Fisher, [email protected]  Website: www.manifold.net

Manifold Software Limited
Suite 1701, 17th Floor, FWD Financial Centre
308 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Radian and Manifold are registered trademarks of Manifold Software Limited.

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