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Asavie Poll Finds Industrial IoT Adoption Hindered by Lengthy Time to Production

Asavie, the provider of next-generation enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, today issued the results of its 2017 Industrial IoT Industry poll (Q2). Asavie surveyed 79 global IT professionals attending its Asavie Connected webinar series to identify industrial IoT trends.

The poll takes a look at how IT professionals are deploying Industrial IoT projects. Some findings of the survey include:

Live IoT Projects

The rate of IoT adoption continues to accelerate with over half of the survey participants (60%) already conducting a live IoT implementation. The findings also revealed that (20%) of respondents are planning on implementing an IoT project in the 2017-2018 time period, with another (20%) of respondents stating they did not know when they would have a live IoT project.

Lengthy Time Span Anticipated for Industrial IoT Projects Going from Prototype to Production

The survey showed the time from IoT prototype to production could be a long journey. Over half (57%) of respondents reported it could take six months or longer for an IoT project to go from prototype to production. The findings also revealed that approximately a quarter (26%) of respondents felt it could take three months to go from prototype to production, with 4% of respondents of the opinion it could take a month, and 13% of respondents stating they did not know how long the process would take.

Commenting on these findings, Hugh Carroll, Vice President of Marketing, Asavie, said, "The lengthy time span required for industrial IoT projects to go from prototype to production negatively impacts innovation and revenue generation. To address this challenge we recently launched Asavie’s Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit offering enterprises a one-stop-shop to securely, expedite their IoT implementations.”

Carroll continued, “This out-of-the-box IoT solution offers secure, seamless connectivity from the edge to the cloud, enabling enterprises to jump-start their industrial IoT projects, get to market faster and generate revenues sooner. Finally, companies can quickly scale their IoT projects from the lab to global deployments, using the same architecture – which will also accelerate the process.”

Asavie’s Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit is comprised of Asavie PassBridge™ IoT Connectivity management platform teamed with the Dell Edge Gateway and EpiSensor industrial sensors.

IoT Edge Gateways

Regarding deployment of an IoT Edge Gateway as part of an IoT project; within the next three months (50%) of survey respondents said they were considering deploying an IoT Edge Gateway as part of their IoT projects. The other half of those polled responded they did not know if they would be deploying an IoT Edge Gateway for IoT projects.

Routing Data from IoT Devices

More than half (57%) of respondents intend to use the private cloud for routing data from IoT devices. Of note, none of the respondents intend to use the public cloud for routing data from IoT devices. Backing up these findings over a quarter of respondents (29%) would opt for a hybrid environment, with (14%) choosing an on-premises option.

What Protocols do Sensors Deployed on Your IoT Networks Use?

When asked which protocols do sensors deployed on IoT networks use, respondents were permitted to provide multiple answers. The survey found that 84% of those polled are using cellular. 40% of respondents are using Low-Power WAN (LoRA, NB-IoT, Sigfox), and 36% of respondents are using ZigBee, with 32% using Wi-Fi, and 28% using Bluetooth.

Asavie Industrial IoT Accelerator Kit

The kit is available for purchase here: http://asavie.episensor.com.


Asavie’s 2017 Industrial IoT Industry poll (Q2) is based on surveys conducted with 79 respondents collected from global IT professionals participating in Asavie webinars in April and May 2017. Listen to Asavie webinars here: https://www.asavie.com/webinars/.

Respondents were polled during the following webinars:

Securing Edge to Cloud Connectivity - (April 2017)

  • Anthony Sayers – IoT & Embedded Strategic Alliances Director, Dell
  • Keith O’Byrne – Head of Solutions, Asavie

Scaling your Industrial IoT Securely – (May 2017)

  • Robert McGarry – Senior Manager Technology & Operations, Enernoc
  • Brendan Carroll – CEO, EpiSensor
  • Keith O’Byrne – Head of Solutions, Asavie

About Asavie

Asavie makes connectivity simple. The Asavie PassBridge™ platform delivers on demand connectivity services to manage and secure connectivity across diverse networks, at scale. In partnership with over 20 leading mobile operators including AT&T, Telefonica, Three and Vodafone, as well as OEMs such as AWS, Dell & MultiTech. Asavie enables over 10,000 end-user enterprises large and small to scale their smart, connected projects resulting in increased cost savings and rapid delivery of new services to market.

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