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OKAY Smart Education Releases World's First Intelligent Educational Device Ushers in the Era of Demand-Based Learning

BEIJING, July 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 16, 2017, the "7th World Smart Education Summit Forum" organized by OKAY Smart Education was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. With the theme of "Revolution", the Forum discussed how education, driven by Internet technology in the artificial intelligence era, could transform from "industrialization era" to "intelligent era", and put forward the concept of "demand-based learning" for the first time.

Throughout the history of human civilization, education reform is inextricably linked to productivity advancement. The current class-based teaching system is the product of the last great educational transformation, when human society entered the industrial age and achieved rapid productivity development. Modern schools introduced industrial flow process and mass production to education by adopting standard and systematic knowledge curriculum, which greatly improved education capacity and therefore realized wider universal education. This transformation replaced old-style private schools in agriculture and handicraft stage, and thoroughly overturned extremely low education capacity and education being a privilege for only a few. Educational transformation in the industrial era promoted a leap in the  development of human society, which led to the glory of the industrial civilization.

Mankind, however, is now moving at an unbelievable pace from the industrial age into the era of intelligent development. The Internet and artificial intelligence technologies are bringing a profound change to all aspects of human society across the world and driving changes. The current generation of teachers is from the post-industrial civilization; the new generation of students is natives of the Internet era. If the new generation of students born with cognitive characteristics of the Internet age is still trapped in the old education system of the industrial age, then what is waiting for us will be stagnation of social progress as we blunder away a historical opportunity of human civilization progress. In light of this, OKAY Smart Education is advocating the concept of "demand-based learning" in the era of the Internet and AI, and believes that education in this new era should use the power of cutting-edge technology to create advancement of intelligence.

Industry ecosystem and integration help OKAY drive education innovation using technology

Mr. Yu Minhong, Chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group, attended this forum and delivered a keynote speech. After that, famous anchor Mr. Shui Junyi, Chairman and CEO of E Ink Holdings Frank (Fu-Jen) Ko, MyScript CEO Paddy Padmanabhan, Microsoft Developers and Artificial Intelligence Chief Scientist Liang Jian, Baidu Artificial Intelligence Comprehensive Management Department GM Wang Liangfei, Wacom Global Executive VP Lin Qiang, founder and CEO of OKAY Smart Education Mr. Jia Yunhai, and other important figures in the global education and technology field discussed on how to realize in-depth integration of technology and education to further assist the coming era of demand-based learning.

Mr. Jia Yunhai said that OKAY would be dedicated to in-depth fusion of technology and education, and that OKAY has already made a number of breakthroughs by working with world-leading technology companies: intelligent recognition technology greatly improves efficiency of teacher's correction work and data acquisition, precise push enabled by big data and artificial intelligence technology helps students really "learn what they need", while e-paper and digital handwriting technologies can protect students' eyesight and writing habits to the maximum extend. OKAY Smart Education will make full use of its unique education advantages and embrace Internet technology to assist smart education upgrade based on modern cutting-edge technology. Mr. Shui Junyi and attending guests shared the same views as Mr. Jia, and partners also expressed their commitment to moving forward with OKAY Smart Education and promoting the education industry's change of times.

E Ink, the originator of the world's top Ink screen technology, has changed the way human read in the Internet era in the last decade by launching Kindle together with Amazon in 2007. Today, E Ink and OKAY Smart Education agreed to an exclusive strategic cooperation to create absolute comfortable user experience: the OKAY e-learning tablet S4.0 perfectly integrates E Ink screen and Wacom digital handwriting technology, enabling students to experience the same writing experience as writing with a pen on paper to protect writing habits.

MyScript, a pioneer of handwriting recognition technology, has been working on words, algorithms and graphic recognition technology since its establishment in 1998, and has achieved remarkable results. In-depth cooperation between OKAY Smart Education and MyScript focuses on making smart correction function more precise in order to alleviate teachers' burden.

Microsoft and Baidu also reached strategic partnerships with OKAY Smart Education in artificial intelligence technology and content digitization, and have made breakthroughs in speech recognition, data analysis, user portrait establishment, accurate delivery of content and so on, all of which will impart intelligent power beyond imagination to important links of teaching and learning.

Education revolution in the age of artificial intelligence

Mr. Jia Yunhai delivered a keynote speech in the forum and shared exploration and practice experience of OKAY Smart Education. The clear purpose for OKAY Smart Education is to use Internet technology to reform the teaching and learning experience, and therefore actively enter the Intelligent era, rather than remain in the education shackles of the industrial age.

After many product re-designs, OKAY Smart Education had a clear focus to base this intelligent product on digital content with its core on digitalization, and finally achieved a breakthrough in many schools across the country. Principals, teachers and other frontline staff as well as student representatives attending this forum all spoke highly of OKAY Smart Education and acknowledged the revolutionary changes it has brought to traditional teaching.

Mr. Jia said in the forum: "Education that meets individual demand will eventually replace education centered around imparting knowledge, and every student will have their own learning initiative, so the era of Intelligent has arrived." Refined application of Internet technology, customized development of artificial intelligence in education environment, and tuyere effect of education transformation trend will attract more technology and resources, and usher in education to the intelligent era.

Release of world's first intelligent educational device creates a new product category

OKAY Smart Education also unveiled the world's first dedicated smart device for learning -- OKAY E-learning Tablet S4.0. OKAY Smart Education is committed to the integration and optimization of big data, handwriting recognition, user portrait and visual experience with many industry partners, providing teachers and students with a truly useful learning device.

Launch of this new intelligent learning device brings in-depth integration of cutting-edge technology and practical application, which completes the upgrade of education and teaching with the help of artificial intelligence. Based on big data and cloud computing technology, smart study AI assistant "OKAY Xiao Yun" can help students select examination questions and video lessons that help them make progress, and therefore truly realize "learn what you need". Global release of OKAY E-Learning Tablet S4.0 not only marks the creation of a new device product category -- intelligent learning device, but also creates a new era for the learning device market, and moreover, the coming of the new era of demand-base learning.

It is foreseeable that with application and popularization of the world's first dedicated intelligent device for learning -- OKAY E-learning Tablet S4.0, which is able to provide data-based teaching and learning decisions with the help of Internet and artificial intelligence technology, the new generation of students is empowered to take learning initiative and decide what to learn and how to learn, and therefore truly benefit from the new upgrade of smart learning.

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