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30 Service Providers and More Than 2,200 Data Centers Added to Inflect Platform in Two Months Since Launch

In the weeks since its June launch, San Francisco-based Inflect has attracted a landslide of attention from global networking and colocation services providers. More than 30 service providers have provided their services data to the company for use in its search and sourcing platform. This is in addition to a partnership with global network interconnection resource PeeringDB.

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The Inflect platform ingests facility and services data from multiple sources, giving users a data c ...

The Inflect platform ingests facility and services data from multiple sources, giving users a data confidence score on their search results. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Service providers are participating with Inflect because the platform connects them directly with buyers and ensures that the information potential customers see is current and accurate. Service providers are able to update and maintain product and location data.

As a result of this groundswell of interest, more than 2,200 data centers and network peering locations globally are now represented in the Inflect platform, which is currently in preview release to a limited set of invitation-only users.

***Read Inflect CEO Mike Nguyen’s thoughts on progress since the June launch.***

The Inflect platform is an open, neutral, search and procurement tool that connects buyers and sellers of internet infrastructure services (IP Transit, colocation, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and managed hosting/infrastructure) with accurate, validated information. Inflect users typically have certain workloads that have outgrown a singular reliance on public cloud. They use Inflect to find the right services to augment public cloud, services that support, for example, geographic diversity, network performance requirements or compliance certifications. Inflect helps these companies find service providers in a free, open and neutral search environment.

Inflect takes the pain, inaccuracy and labor out of finding the right internet infrastructure services for each user. Before Inflect, the process took weeks to months, requiring manual research and validation often done via consultants or directly with a multitude of sales reps. Inflect puts users in control, and they decide when to involve service provider sales teams. Inflect provides the complex colocation and network details users need to map out dependencies and create a complete internet infrastructure solution.

Users can search Inflect and use its project management tools at no charge. Users pay service providers directly, and Inflect makes money from commissions paid by service providers, similar to how travel sites such as Kayak monetize.

Partnership with PeeringDB

Also, since its launch, Inflect has established a partnership agreement with PeeringDB. PeeringDB is an open, neutral database of interconnection information in major data centers around the world used by operators of global networks to secure traffic exchange agreements. Inflect validates PeeringDB information on facilities and colocation then pushes the validated information back to PeeringDB. Simultaneously, the data is made available via the Inflect platform, where it is combined with data from service providers and users.

Supporting Quotes

Mike Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of Inflect:

“The response since our launch just a few weeks ago has been gratifying and humbling at the same time. Users are telling us that they’ve been waiting for a platform like Inflect that can give them accurate, vendor-neutral data without charging them to search. At the same time, service providers are telling us that they’ve been looking for a platform that places their services in front of buyers who are ready to buy. This intersection of market interests is a validation for our model and approach, and the partnership with PeeringDB is another validation point that the market wants to buy infrastructure resources the same way they buy hotels and airline tickets.”

Will Charnock, CEO of PacketFabric:

“Buying behavior in our industry is changing. Inflect offers a solution to support all procurement needs for infrastructure requirements. By working with Inflect, PacketFabric gains access to an expanded base of customers through their automated platform."

Aaron Hughes, president of PeeringDB:

“Our users have built an open community where information on interconnection points worldwide can be shared and curated. It’s a big job keeping all that data current, and our partnership with Inflect gives our users more accurate data. Inflect is providing validated data on facilities and colocation to the community for open, free access. PeeringDB is grateful for the additional validation source, and we are excited to have a partnership with Inflect.”

About Inflect

Inflect provides a free service that increases information transparency and decreases market friction for companies buying internet infrastructure, helping them build relationships and solutions in the global data economy. https://inflect.com

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