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Gunn Media100 reveals the world's best campaigns, agencies and brands for media excellence in advertising

- McDonald's 'Capacity Based McDelivery' is world's top campaign
- MediaCom London tops agency ranking
- MediaCom leads network ranking
- WPP heads holding company league table
- Nike ranked #1 brand. Unilever ranked #1 advertiser

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LONDON, Mar 26, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - Gunn Report, the global index of excellence in advertising, has released the results of the 2018 Gunn Media 100, a global ranking of the world's most awarded and applauded campaigns and companies based on their performance in media competitions around the world.

Gunn Report, now part of WARC, tracks the winners' lists of close to 30 of the most important global, regional and national media awards shows to compile Gunn Media 100 - a list of the 100 best campaigns for creativity and innovation in media, along with the best-performing agencies, networks, holding companies, brands, advertisers and countries.

The highest-ranked campaign in the Gunn Media 100 is McDonald's 'Capacity Based McDelivery' by OMD Singapore. To maintain competitive advantages, McDonald's promoted its delivery service McDelivery in Singapore in partnership with Google. By integrating McDonald's first-party data with Google's hyper-local targeting, they maximised media cost efficiency and managed consumer expectations of delivery time through tailored messages, mapping real-time restaurant data against paid search spends via a live API.

Stephen Li, CEO of OMD APAC, said: "To have our work for McDonald's recognised as best of the best globally, is testament to our unwavering commitment and relentless focus on helping our clients' leading brands continue to cut-through with data-driven creativity. This recognition motivates us to continue our drive in helping brands make better decisions, faster. The 'Capacity Based McDelivery' campaign is the perfect example of this in practice, leveraging real-time data to generate fresh growth for a market-leading brand in a highly competitive category. I could not be more proud of this achievement, and all the other great work coming out of OMD Singapore. It only inspires us to continue raising the bar even further still for our clients."

In second place is 'Hungerithm' by MediaCom Melbourne / Clemenger BBDO, which saw confectionary brand Snickers partner with 7-Eleven stores in Australia to drive sales and increase category share. Snickers says the internet gets angry when it's hungry. The brand launched 'Hungerithm', an algorithm that analysed 14,000 social posts a day and adjusted the price of the chocolate bar accordingly.The angrier the Internet got, the cheaper Snickers became.

Ranked third is 'Reword' for Headspace by Leo Burnett Melbourne / Starcom Melbourne. The Australian youth mental health foundation, successfully tackled cyber bullying by putting in place a social media rewording tool that analyses what users type and uses a red line to strike through abusive phrases.

Three themes have emerged from the world's top campaigns for media excellence:

- Data is driving fresh media thinking. The top campaign is built around smart use of data. This is a recurring theme in the rankings, as brands look to harness multiple data sources to deliver competitive advantage.
- An event-led strategy helps brands stand out. As brands struggle to be heard in a fragmented media landscape, there is a growing focus on 'events' such as Super Bowl, US Presidential debates, and Olympics, that can draw a crowd and interest from the press.
- Partnerships are central to youth-focused media strategy. Partnerships with organisations or individuals that bring their own reach are now a key element of media strategy, particularly for brands targeting younger demographics.
MediaCom London claims first place in the Gunn Media 100 agency rankings with four campaigns ranked in the top 100: 'Best Day Of My Life' for Shell (#6), 'Singing Our Way To The Top Of The Box Office' for Universal Pictures' Sing (#22), 'Missing Type' for NHS Blood & Transplant (#30) and 'Dark To Light' for Gucci Guilty (#77=).

PHD New York is in second place also with four campaigns in the top 100. Their highest ranked campaign (#13) is 'The Debate Headache' for GlaxoSmithKline's Excedrin. Mindshare Mumbai is ranked third with three campaigns making the cut.

MediaCom is the top-ranked network with eight agencies from around the world - Auckland, Bogota, Dusseldorf, London, Mumbai, Melbourne, Mexico City, New York - contributing to the network's poll position. PHD Worldwide is in second place and OMD Worldwide, third.

For the first time Gunn Media 100 has included a ranking of holding companies. WPP tops the leader board, with three of its networks - MediaCom, Mindshare Worldwide and Wavemaker - ranked in the top 10. Omnicom Group and Interpublic Group follow.

Stephen Allan, Worldwide CEO and Chairman of MediaCom, said: "This is an outstanding achievement, of which I am extremely proud. Every single person throughout the MediaCom network has contributed to our success and has truly embraced our philosophy of Systems Thinking to great effect.

"I am, of course, delighted that MediaCom UK has also been recognised within the Gunn Media 100 as the top individual agency, which is incredibly well deserved. But none of this would have been possible without our fantastic clients, agency partners and media owners who have collaborated with us to create globally-celebrated campaigns. We are proud to have contributed towards WPP's achievement of being named the top Holding Company within the same report."

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, said: "WPP's core purpose is to deliver growth for our clients so we are delighted to receive this recognition of our effectiveness in doing so. And congratulations to MediaCom who, as network and agency of the year, have helped us achieve a hat-trick of awards."

Nike takes first position as the top brand with four campaigns featured in the top 100, all from the US. McDonald's is in second place, followed by Snickers and Dove.

Unilever tops the Advertiser's ranking by a significant margin. Procter & Gamble is in second place. Both advertisers have six brands featured in the top 100 campaigns. Mars takes third place with five campaigns in the top 100.

The US dominates the rankings with 30 campaigns in the top 100, 12 of which feature in the top 20. UK is second with 11 campaigns. Australia and India follow. In total, 24 countries are represented.

The most highly ranked campaigns and companies in Gunn Media 100 are:

The world's top 10 campaigns for media excellence
Rank    Campaign Title          Brand           Agency                         Points 
 1      Capacity Based          McDonald's      OMD Singapore                   136.1 
 2      Hungerithm              Snickers        MediaCom Melbourne /
                                                Clemenger BBDO Melbourne        131.2
 3      Reword                  Headspace       Leo Burnett Melbourne /
                                                Starcom Melbourne               129.1
 4      Bachelor Of Shaving     Gillette        MediaCom Mumbai                 122.5 
 5      Bradshaw Stain          Tide            Saatchi & Saatchi New York /    106.1
                                                Hearts & Science New York
 6      Best Day Of My Life     Shell           MediaCom  London                105.4 
 7=     Sport Chek-The Fastest  Sport Chek      Touche PHD! Montreal            101.3
        Olympic Campaign!
 7=     Bully Ads               Canadian Safe   Touche PHD! Toronto             101.3
                                School Network
 9      Yasmin's Sex-Ed         Yasmin          PHD Shanghai                     96.7
10      Like My Addiction       Addict'Aide     BETC Paris                       87.2 

The world's top 10 best agencies for media excellence
Rank    Agency          Location             Points 
 1      MediaCom        London, UK           317.2 
 2      PHD             New York, USA        249 
 3      Mindshare       Mumbai, India        235 
 4      PHD             Shanghai, China      211.4 
 5      Mindshare       Shanghai, China      197.4 
 6      Clemenger BBDO  Melbourne, Australia 184 
 7      MediaCom        Mumbai, India        174.9 
 8      Mediaplus       Munich, Germany      171.4 
 9      Touch? PHD!     Montreal, Canada     171.3 
10      Starcom         Chicago, USA         169.4 

The world's top 10 agency networks for media excellence
Rank    Agency Network       Holding Company   Points 
 1      MediaCom             WPP               1360.6 
 2      PHD Worldwide        Omnicom Group     1199.5 
 3      OMD Worldwide        Omnicom Group     1140.8 
 4      Mindshare Worldwide  WPP                890.2 
 5      Starcom              Publicis Groupe    761.1
 6      Universal McCann     Interpublic Group  731.1 
 7      BBDO Worldwide       Omnicom Group      546 
 8      Wavemaker            WPP                526.8 
 9      Dentsu Aegis Network Dentsu             482.2 
10      McCann Worldgroup    Interpublic Group  447.1 

The world's top 10 holding companies for media excellence
Rank     Holding Company     Points 
 1       WPP                 3565.4 
 2       Omnicom Group       3326.7 
 3       Interpublic Group   2131.7 
 4       Publicis Groupe     1597.3 
 5       Dentsu               540.1 
 6       Havas                442 
 7       MDC Partners          88.6 
 8       Hakuhodo DY Holdings  65.1 
 9       Publicis Group        41.4 
10       Accenture             17.1 

The world's top 10 brands for media excellence
Rank   Brand      Sector                               Points 
 1     Nike       Clothing & Accessories                297.5 
 2     McDonald's Retail                                263.7 
 3     Snickers   Food                                  227.9 
 4     Dove       Toiletries & Cosmetics                204.5 
 5     Netflix    Media & Publishing                    194.5 
 6     Shell      Business & Industrial                 180.8 
 7     Samsung    Technology & Electronics              136.1 
 8     Headspace  Non-profit, public sector & education 129.1 
 9     Gillette   Toiletries & Cosmetics                122.5 
10     US Army    Non-profit, public sector & education 107.3 

The world's top 10 advertisers for media excellence
Rank    Advertiser          Points 
 1      Unilever             942.7 
 2      Procter & Gamble     517.6 
 3      Mars                 392.8 
 4      Nike                 283.3
 5      McDonald's           263.7 
 6      PepsiCo              251.4 
 7      Anheuser-Busch InBev 217.1 
 8      Nestl?               195.7 
 9      Netflix              194.5
10      Royal Dutch Shell    186.5 

The world's top 10 countries for media excellence
Rank    Country              Points 
 1      USA                  2841.9 
 2      UK                   1427.5 
 3      Australia             871.6 
 4      India                 854.8 
 5      United Arab Emirates  748 
 6      Canada                684.1 
 7      China                 656.8 
 8      Singapore             363.2 
 9      Brazil                345.3 
10      Germany               337 

Commenting on the results of Gunn Media 100, Emma Wilkie, managing director of Gunn Report, says: "Hot on the heels of the recently published Gunn 100 ranking for creative excellence and the WARC 100 index for effectiveness, the newly launched Gunn Media 100 benchmarks media creativity and innovation as well as highlighting media trends based on an independent global analysis.

"We're seeing that the smart use of data, event-led strategies and partnerships that provide new consumer reach are the main themes currently driving the media industry forward offering new and exciting opportunities in the market place."

The full Gunn Media 100 rankings - including the world's top 100 campaigns for media excellence, top 50 agencies, networks, brands, advertisers, countries and top holding companies as well as commentaries, the work and credits - are available by subscription on www.warc.com/gunnreport.

About Gunn Report

The global index of creative, effective and media excellence in advertising

Gunn Report celebrates award-winning qualities in advertising. It ranks the world's best creative, effective and media ideas as well as companies and countries based on their performance in the most important international, regional and national creative, media, effective and strategy awards contests to produce Gunn 100, WARC 100 and Gunn Media.

The campaigns it showcases have the power to produce an immediate impact on sales and a longer-term impact on brand building. The Gunn Report's research articles further demonstrate the commercial power of creativity.

As well as the various rankings, Gunn Report offers a library of more than 3,500 award-winning creative campaigns and a series of research studies. The Gunn Report was founded by Donald Gunn in 1999 and was acquired by WARC in 2016. Gunn Report is available online by subscription.

About Gunn 100 & Methodology

The Gunn 100 is an annual ranking of the world's most creative advertising and marketing ideas, along with the best-performing agencies, networks, holding companies, brands, advertisers and countries. Gunn 100 rankings are compiled by analysing the results of over 40 of the world's most important global, regional and national creative awards contests. The awards shows tracked will remain confidential to avoid prejudicing entries to competitions. Points are earned based on the level of the award and are weighted according to the standing of each competition in the global marketing industry, determined in part by a survey of senior advertising management.

About WARC - your global authority on advertising and media effectiveness

warc.com is an online service offering advertising best practice, evidence, insights and data from the world's leading brands. WARC helps clients grow their businesses by using proven approaches to maximise advertising effectiveness. WARC's clients include the world's largest advertising and media agencies, research companies, universities and advertisers.

WARC runs four global and two regional case study competitions: WARC Awards, WARC Innovation Awards, WARC Media Awards, The Admap prize, WARC Prize for Asian Strategy and WARC Prize for MENA Strategy.

Founded in 1985, WARC is privately owned and has offices in the UK, U.S. and Singapore.

Source: Gunn Report

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